Saturday, December 25, 2010

Holiday rest!

Merry Christmas to everyone! May visions of sugar plums dance through your head!


Friday, December 17, 2010


I can't believe we wrap up Nutracker after our final two shows this coming weekend. Where did the time go this season? It just zipped right by. I feel confident about performing having done the shows previously so many times already. I am still a little nervous for arabian because i have a new partner who has never done the part before. We have been doing ok in rehearsals this week, but stage nerves always get the best of you. I have faith that we will do ok. (fingers crossed)

Today after rehearsals is the dreaded evaluation. (dun dun dunnnnnnnnn) We have individual meetings with the director to talk about our progress in the season and what we need to work on for the spring. I never was nervous for these before because i don't mind getting things i can improve on, but i had a bad experience one year where i was left in tears. I know she was just trying to push me to be the best i can be as an artist, but it really hit home and left me questioning if i should continue. It was a very low point in my life. I'm very happy that i sucked it up and stuck with it. How could i give it up? Dance is my life. It choose me and i said yes. It becomes your life through and through.

I still have a bit of Christmas shopping left. After the shows, and after a glass (few) of spiced wine, i will finish that up. Can you believe Christmas is next week already??? I need a rewind button!

Happy Holidays to all of you! Be safe..and happy :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A long weekend.

We finally wrapped up our longest weekend of shows as of last night. It was tough this year for some reason. (Maybe i'm just getting old!) My body just feels like it was very heavy by the last show. I really had to push the last bit of energy i had to get through flowers. (which is the hardest dance i think i've ever had to do as far as staminia) It's a non-stop cardio work out with lifts and jumps and running and makes me tired just thinking about it. BUT, i can't complain because i always miss it when it's over. I feel bad sometimes complaining about something I am so happy and blessed to be doing still.

Two more shows to go!! Then it's resting, eating, resting, presents, resting. Then Spring Season! (which we have started already in between Nutcracker shows.) Hope everyone else doing Nutcracker out there are having good runs! :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

At the theater for show one! Helloooooo butterflie in the tummy.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Sorry i have been absent with my updates. We have been so busy with rehearsals and i've been picking up extra hours teaching i just haven't had time. That and thanksgiving break i spend being a zombie eating and playing video games with my booba. It was just what i needed to get away from nutcracker for a few days.

The past two days have been rough. My director has been really hard on me. Or at least that's what it feels like. Have you ever had those moments where you feel like someone is mad at you even though you have no idea why? I'm getting those vibes from her. She knows we have been working since Sat. and we are working an 8day week WITH two opening hows. Yet, she has been pushing me so hard to point where i feel like i'm going to pass out. I don't get it. Well i might be speaking out of total exhaustion, but i get those vibes that she's trying to push me for some reason unknown to me.

But, i won't let it get me down.

I have to focus and know my limits so that i am ready for two shows on Saturday. I know it will be fine. I just need to rest when i can and take care of my bruised body! Besides, it wouldn't be nutty nutcracker without some blood, sweeat, and tears....literally.


Monday, November 15, 2010

In full swing.

Nutcracker rehearsals are in full swing and i am feeling pleasantly pleased.

I just feel a great sense of joy and happieness this time of year. Nutcracker is still such a wonderful ballet even if i've been doing it alllll these years. Something about it's magic never gets old for me. Maybe because it's story is something we always day dream about as children. I'm a sucker for fantasy.

This year i got Arabian again and a new role of snow queen. I feel very lucky to have gotten good parts even though i would be happy with any part really! I consider myself blessed to be still dancing and performing. I'd stand on stage in the back holding a prop just to get that feeling!

On top of my love of dance, i am deepening my love for photography. With the help of booba, of course. I am learning so much and really enjoying taking pictures. Booba and i shot a sweet 16 party this weekend and i just had so much fun working beside him and capturing those unplanned moments on a screen. It's so satisfying. I also got photoshop this weekend so i can fine tune the photos. I'm very excited.

Ps It's doesnt feel like mid-fall. It's lovely and warm. I'm not complaining!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010



The last Dracula show is over. It went wonderful...beyond my expectations. Sure i didn't have a perfect show, but i put my all into Lucy and gave her a great last time on the stage. Not to mention what a wonderful almost FULL audience we had. They were very responsive which really helps us as performers to get into our roles. There was a part where the brides come and wake me from my coffin for the first time and i roll up and show the audience my new fangs. As i looked out into the crowd i heard a guy go " ohhhhhhhhh my !!!!" Like i really was a vampire. It was so funny and i tried not to lose it on stage. Our board president came as well and told me i did fantastic job. He's so wonderful. I love how much he supports us and any praise from him makes me feel like we are doing our job.

So now it's time to bring on the Nutcracker! The company is laid off for a week and apprentices are in learning their parts. I am being my usual lazyself and sitting in my pjs all day watching movies and doing some lesson plans. I feel great. This little break will really refresh me for the upcoming rehearsals/shows. This time of year is exhausting, but at the same time makes me smille. There's so many wonderful things ahead:
-an away nutcracker show and a b&b with my booba :)
-(christmas) i'm already thinking of present ideas. Yes, well i do have some time on my hands
-End of nutcracker vacation!!!
Does anyone know an affordable all inclusive (or not) warm escape destination??

Hope you are all well~

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Take a bow

Today is our last Dracula show! I cannot believe how fast they went. I'm a little bummed about it because i look forward to this production every year and i always miss the freedom it gives me as an artist. This ballet really allows you to explore another side to your performance quality. You can add to the character you are playing and really get lost in the role. Both dark and beautiful, my director has really created something special. You just can't get the same emotions from sugary sweet Nutcracker.

Well i must keep it short. We have company class and then a full tech. run through before the show. I'm getting in touch with my inner Lucy! Here we go!

ps- what will YOU be for Halloween?

Monday, October 25, 2010


We had a long weekend, two shows in two different states. I feel they both went pretty well. Our director gave us a good speech before the one show telling us that we are really strong dancers. She wanted us now not to just dance the role, but to become it. I really took this to heart and let myself give in. Letting yourself get lost in a role is such an amazing feeling. You get transformed into another universe and live this person/things life for a moment in time and feel what they would feel.

I got to do Lucy for the first time yesterday and i definately had one of those moments where I WAS Lucy. There was no audience or stage. I was haunted and hunted by Dracula and killed by the suitors. I felt so alive after the show. Sure it wasn't perfect and it had it's flaws, but the satisfaction of letting go on stage and immersing myself in the role was amzing.

Today was had off to rest and our last show is on Thursday! I can't wait to get on that stage again. :)

Almost Halloween, time to do the finishing touches on my costume and carve a pumpkin.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Almost there to a very important show today! Blogging from the white van. :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Crossing my toes.

We have a busy weekend. Two shows this weekend and i'm flipping between doing brides on Saturday and Lucy on Sunday.

Todays rehearsal started off well. My director brought the Lucy costumes so i could practice moving in them with lifts. I got to do one section of the ballet, but we began to run out of time when she started working more on the brides dance. SO, i didn't get to run second act and only quickly ran through two sections of Lucy. I am freaking out. I feel so under-rehearsed and it makes me nervous because i have a bunch of people coming to see me do this role. I know i might be just freaking out and everything will be ok, but it so hard to not worry that it won't get well. We are our own worse critics! The only bit of comfort from the day came when my director leaned over to me and said, "I think Lucy is going to look really nice." It instilled some confidence in me, but it also said that she could feel my anxiety.

I will be crossing my toes during the Sunday show. Now all i can do is focus on Brides for our big show Saturday.

AND on a Halloween note, i am happy to say that i will be portraying Marie Antoinette this year with my booba as my butler. I can't wait. My wig, that i bought super cheap on ebay, just came today in the mail and it looks great!

What will you be?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A few days later.

I took this picture of a butterfly the next day after our show. It really captures the feeling of flight of being on stage. And just as performing is satisying so was capturing this moment in a photo.

So, the show was last weekend and for a first show of this production i think it went the best it could. There are always going to be some problems that come up with stage crew, lights, dance moves ect. It's hard to avoid and reminds us that we do make flaws, but with those flaws we work to better ourselves for the next time.

Our next show is a very important one so this week is cleaning up our technique. I will also be rehearsing the part of Lucy since i am to perform her in the next upcoming show. I can't wait to get out there with a new character! Don't get me wrong i lOVE being an evil bride, but there is something about the role of Lucy that i can connect to.

I'm already thinking about nutcracker casting. Is that wrong? I guess getting through three more shows of Dracula should be more of a focus ha.

My best to you,

Saturday, October 9, 2010


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Saturday, October 2, 2010


I still can't believe it is fall! OR that it is October 2nd. Crazy how fast time goes.

I'm a little nervous about this upcoming week for a few reasons. a. I had to take off two days from rehearsal/class to be a part of a wedding. b. we have our opening show of Dracula this Saturday. c. I still have a big section of Lucy to learn. The part where she is turned into a vampire and gets killed by the suiters. Yikes. I should be perfecting movements not learning this close to a show.

BUT, on a positive note, the wedding was beautiful and i had so much fun. It was really a flashback for me getting to hang out with my best girls from college and watch our friend get married. It took me back to those days where you could stay up till the sun came out and function on 2hrs of sleep. I have great memories of those four years and i was able to have them all come rushing back for one night with the people i love around me.

I can't wait to get back to ballet Monday. I miss it already! It's crazy how much it is a part of me. It's my sanity and my insanity. Ask any dancer and i'm sure they would agree.

Today felt good. I got to go out and shoot some photos today with booba. I want to learn as much as i can. I love the way it feels to see a moment or image and capture in a way that my eyes perceive it. I have a LOT to learn, but i think every bit of practice and guidance helps.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Do something you love and tell someone you love them. Lifes too short to wait.


“Ballet's image of perfection is fashioned amid a milieu of wracked bodies, fevered imaginations, Balkan intrigue and sulfurous hatreds where anything is likely, and dancers know it.”
-Shana Alexander

Thursday, September 23, 2010

So excited.

I'm tired and it's been a long week so i'll make it brief.

Casting went up for Dracula this week and i'm doing Lucy!!!!! I am also doing my old part as a Bride and alternating with another girl. I have been waiting to do the of Lucy since we started doing Dracula. I'm going to do my best with this role and become the part.

Rehearsal for rep. have been going the same time we have been learning Dracula so it has been a bit rough. Our last rep. show goes on stage Saturday and then we will be in full blown Dracula mode for our opening show on the 9th of October.

Did i mention this was a busy season right now? :)

Can't complain, i'm doing what i love!

Hope you are all well

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


After a week off and lots of watching movies i'm back in the swing of things at the company. We had two new boys join us this week. One is from Japan and the other is from Romania. The guy from Romania actually danced with us about 3 years ago and decided to return back to the company after spending time home training.

I can't believe how many boys we have now! The boys in the company out number the girls. That is very unusual for us. I think my director was worried going into the season that we wouldn't have enough guys, but now we have more than enough. I guess that is a good thing. You never know who will stick around.

We have been rehearsing the rep. still from our last show in the Hamptons and putting the new boys in it. I love the pieces we are doing, but at this point i'm ready to be done with them and move on to Dracula. I am SO excited. I look forward to this ballet every year. It's such a unique piece for our company and appeals to a variety of viewers.

I really hope i get to do the part of Lucy this year. But, i'm not going to get my hopes up. I did understudy the role last year and got to fill in when the girls playing her was out sick a few times. So, guess i'll just keep my fingers crosed! But honestly, i would love any role in this ballet. I just enjoy being a part of it.

Alright my brain is going to shut down for the evening.

Hope all i well *

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Good Morning!

I have been lazzzzy.
It's true.

Our director gave us some time off after the show and the company members got layed off for an extra week. A show we were suppose to have the first week in October got cancelled so the budget was affected. Since we were unable to get paid for a week she decided to lay us off. It feels a bit counter productive for me becaue i was really getting back in shape. I am going to take class today in the city to feel a little less lazy and keep my body from thinking we are on summer break again!

I started teaching on Monday at the new studio and i just LOVED it. I am so excited to be part of a new dance/teacher family. They all are such wonderful students hungry to learn. I can't wait to share with them my love for dance and teaching.

This year is going to be a good one. And on a side note....
Wedding season is almost over. This year i went to more than i have ever been too!! And still to come is one i'm in the first week of October and then going to one at the end of October. Don't get me wrong , i LOVE weddings. They just don't love me and my artist wallet.

I'm entering this season feeling positive and motivated.
-Work on my dancing and stretch LOTS.
-When given a role, find ways to really study and become the character
-Teach to the best of my ability and make it fun for the students.
-Find a way to really engage them in the movement and learn the importance of dance.

I'm ready, lets go!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


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Well, class and rehearsal are over and now putting make-up on. Show opens in about an hour from now. Merde to us!
In the van listening to my meditation podcast on our 4hr drive to the Hamptons! Ballet company road trip in full pursuit. :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

season opens

We have our official first performance of the season in the Hamptons, NY tommorow!

I'm very excited to be performing again. Even though it hasn't been that long since our last show, I always am looking for that next stage to step out on and shine. It's such a wonderful rush that is hard to replace.

It's going to be a LONG day though so i hope that i am able to do my best in the evening. We leave 7:30am from the studio and drive up in two vans with out 5hr commute. Getting in around 12pm or so (traffic pending) we will set up and space at 2pm. Company class probably around 7pm and show opens at 8pm. Show ends about 10pm and we pack up and head back 10:30pm. Get back to the studio around 2am and i drive home getting to my wonderful bed at 4am. yike. Luckily we have off the rest of the week so guess what i am doing lots of. Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. (and yoga later in the week)

It will be a fun adventure with new and old company members. We will be able to get to know each other better and bond. These are always great opportunities to get closer with your fellow dancers. I can't wait. :)

My best to you and your dreams - however big or small*

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Worst blister ever. I feel like i wore pointe shoes for the first time ever. Wearing my new shoes without wrapping my toes first was a bad choice. I ended up with some pretty bloody and unhappy blisters on my big and little toe.

This of course also happened on a Monday so i have been struggling to keep them clean all week. Today we had dress rehearsal in the studio and after running one piece i couldn't take the pain any more. I'm usally a tough cookie when it comes to pain, but this was unbearable. I HAD to take my shoes off and put my flats on. My director understood, but i still felt bad for my partner who didn't really get to do the piece full out with me.

I hope these heal quickly and i can get my shoes back on without flinching. The show is just around the corner!! AND teaching is starting up soon as well.

Time to put the peroxide on the toes and rest my legs!


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rainy Sunday.


It's a rainy Sunday, but that's ok. I feel like it's justified to be lazy today. Being back with the company feels great even though i still don't feel 100% back in shape like i was back in April. I am regaining my stamina back slowly.

Our show opens in about a week. I can't believe that we will be on stage so soon again. It all feels a little surreal, but i can't wait. I always miss the stage and performing the most.

This year is really shaping up to look like a good one. I have a great new partner who is tall. We are a shorter company so getting a tall guy for once is such a nice change. He is a bit older too so he knows how to partner well and picks up quickly to where i need to be as far as turns and lifts. It's great when you have a partner that is really in tune with your needs. The chemistry on stage will be better and you will be able to get through any little mess ups without being noticed.

Besides the company i will be starting at two new studios teaching this year. I feel like there are new doors being opened this year and although i don't adapt well to change this is a positive step in my life.

Here's to a new year that is already promising to be a good one.

What are your plans/goals ?


Saturday, August 14, 2010


Well i'm back!


*Colorado was BEAUtiful. We went on a train ride through the mountains that just showed the true beauty of the landscape.

*The wedding was wonderful. They got married in the woods by a stream. It was so lovely and i know they will be happy together.

*At the reception they had a salsa instructor come and teach an hour lesson. Even though i was date-less, i had fun. The instructor came over and danced with me for a bit and even taught me some new moves they weren't showing other people because i was picking it up pretty quick. (future career? hah...probably not, i'm just good at faking it)

*This week finished up week one back to the company.

*Re-learned the rep. pieces and finished two of them.

*I'm still getting to meet and learn the names of the new dancers. There is a handful of them and the most i think we've had all season. They all are very nice and quick learners

*It will be an interesting season and one that i am very excited for.

My brain is fried from a very long first week back. From being lazy most of the summer to full time really knocked me out. My body is sore, but my mind is in the right place. Lets DO this. :)


Thursday, August 5, 2010


Well i'm off to Colorado in about 5hrs for a wedding of childhood neighbores. I was suppose to go stand-by with my parents, but the flights are all booked so i'm traveling solo!! I'm excited for my first flight alone. I still remember my first time traveling to NYC by myself going to an audition. Every little adventure alone makes me feel more confident in my independance. I like being able to do things on my own, itmakes me feel accomplished!

I'll be back Sunday with just enough enough time to sew up some new shoes and head off to company class Monday morning. It's going to be a little rushed, but I'm ready to head back into the studio.

Yesterdays master class i taught went really well. I love teaching and sweating, sometimes more than the students. I know that i gave them my all. After i taught there was a guest teacher doing a contemporary class and guess who took it, ME. It felt good to dip into another style. Actually, it felt GREAT. I didn't realize how much i missed the other forms i use to take in college. You get so wrapped up in the daily ballet class that we forget our body CAN roll on the ground and contract. Today i am feeling sore so it's good that i just have to sit on a plane.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!
Updates when i return :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Birthday birthday birthday !!!

I still have two hours left of my birthday so I figured i would milk it.

I had a wonderful birthday; breakfast, games, the ZOO, and a lovely evening drink (or two). This years birthday was a great one. AND the first time ever i had a suprise party. (thanks booba) I'm all smiles.

AND, i'm off to slumber because this birthday girl has to teach pretty early tommorow morning. Busy next couple of days coming up.

I hope everyone is well!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Angel project.

I got to have another wonderful photoshoot with the photographer i worked with a couple of months ago. The project he is doing is a benifit for all the local police officers who have been killed in the line of duty. I brought with me two girls from our company so it was nice to not be alone completely in front of the camera. He also snapped from shots of us for a tutu website that he works with. It was a fun day for sure!

I love that i will have these captured memories for when i am older. I can look back and remember all the great adventure this dance path has taken me on. I am so, so lucky.

I am also very lucky because last night my booba threw me a suprise party for my birthday. (well, my birthday day is Tue. but it's easier to celebrate on the weekend) I felt so loved to see all the people who came out. I also got to sing and dance the night away. AND had a delicious cake that booba picked up for me from china town - chocolate with chocolate fudge frosting...YUMMMM.

One week in counting of break left before back to the company!
Birthday Tuesday, and teaching in the evening.
Teaching a master class on Wednesday.
Thursday, leaving for Colorado for a wedding!
Coming back Sunday (dads bday).
Company class/rehearsal Monday.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

The turn around

I have to start off this post by first thanking everyone who responded to my desperate cries for help on how handle a group of 7-8yr olds in ballet. I can't tell you how helpful your ideas/thoughts were and I really appreciate the feedback!

THANK you.

The class went SO much better. I don't know if another teacher gave them a stern talking to or what, but they were on a totally different level than they were in the previous weeks. For their choreography class i decided to collaborate with them. I had them come up with a story/theme. They all wanted to be bees. So, i created a piece around the day of a bumble bee and it was probably the most fun they have had all week. In the end we created a really cool piece of choreography. I found that involving them more and letting them have a voice (besides a loud,complaining one) really helped them focus and engage in what we were doing. It was also my last week with them.

I finished a piece of choreography that i set on the older campers. (really mixed group, age wise) I feel pleased with the work and how they are presenting it. It's harder for a younger group to express certain emotions so i try to give them big traveling steps that occupy alot of space. I feel like this forces them NOT to hold back and allows to open the door more for self expression. I told them to connect the movement with a story in their head. I know they will do well on Friday when they present the piece. I feel satified that it is a finished piece of work. It's like i was in thereapy and got it all out of my head. That's the release after a piece is done for me.

Well i hope everyone is well. Things are looking up still and i will continue to push ahead a little more everyday. I am blessed to be able to be a teacher while being a student - always learning everyday - still. I am blessed to be able to dance still and express myself. I am blessed that i am able to support myself with what little money i bring in. It's worth it to do something that i love and sacrafice not having deigner bags or my nails/hair done. It's the little things that matter most.

My best to you!

ps- i apologize for my grammer and spelling mistakes in my posts. I always go back and re-read older posts and slap my hand to my forehead for some of grammer mistakes i make. I think i need someone to proof my posts before they go out to the public! :)

pps- the wedding booba and i shot was beautiful. We made a good team and got some great pictures out of it. It was also wonderful practice for me. I can't wait for the next one!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Chin up! (pointe your feet)

Things are looking up!

I finally got a semi-schedule organized for next year and that makes the OCD in me calm down. I think as dancers our need for control and perfect spills over into our everyday lives. Things need to be certain and have a sequence. I am very pleased that i got the job i interviewed for. I feel that this studio will help me grow as a teacher and further fine tune my abilities to lead.

Speaking of abilities to lead, how do you convince a groupd of 7-8yr olds who hate ballet to enjoy it?! The youth camp i am teaching this summer is just not grasping the idea that ballet can be fun. I make the class easy and fun with lots of jumps, but i still get the "this is boooorrring", "i don't want to do this". It's very fustrating. That age group can be really rough and i feel that some of them are merely there because their parents needed a place to put them in the summer while they go to work.

I am having a good summer camp experience overall. I LOVE with the new studio i am teaching at. Such wonderful students hungry to learn. I feel like i can give them so much material and they just eat it up wanting more. It is a good fit for me and i really hope i can pick up one day a week with them at least.

Last weekend i shoot an engagement session with booba that went really well.( My choreography skills came in handy with coordinating different shots. I think my dance background will help with my photography practices because i already know a bit about lines and aesthetics. Although i have a LONG way to go learning about photography, i feel like i have a great teacher (thanks booba) and an open mind (and eye).

Shooting my first wedding tommorow!! I am SO excited. I just love this couple. We hung out with them and ate chinese a few days ago to talk about shots they would like. They are very layed back and will be easy to work with. AND it's a wedding on the beach, how beautiful. I love being an assistant.

Exciting things are happening and i feel blessed for my triple excursions. Which follow , from my heart, in this order:


My goal for this coming season is to excel in all three to the best of my ability. I feel fullfilled. Isn't that untimately the goal in everyones journey here?

What drives YOU?

My best to you all

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Camp time!

Teaching summer camp kicks off today! Thank you 100+ heat wave for your timing.

I am actually really excited to start teaching today. I have missed the studio and it's only been a couple of weeks. This studio I am heading out to today seems really laid back and I already know a couple of the students. I interviewed there last week (as i had posted previously) and felt right at home. I hope they are hungry to learn! :)

Tommorow I am planning on taking company class and then i have a marathon of teaching 10:30- to about 6pm. (of course with some small breaks in between) It is at our companies international summer camp. I am VERY excited for this one. I teach arts and crafts, ballet, and two workshops!! I finally get to choreograph again and get all those ideas and movements out of my head. It's amazing how quickly they start pilling up in there when you sit around the pool all day like a bum drinking margaritas. (which i have enjoyed completely) It's time to get MOVING again.

I am teaching a demo-ballet class for another place that i interviewed at last Friday. I was horribly late to it thanks to fouth of July traffic, but i think it went fairly well. I really hope i get it! $ <- this is making me nervous again as per usual.

Almost a month to go before company starts! (yikes!) I am boot camping my butt back into shape when this heat wave stops frying us like an egg.

Here's to summer dance camps and lazy weekends!
Hope everyone had a great fourth of July (where is the summer going??)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm back

On the ocean in Cape May!

I had a lovely trip to Cape May last weekend to celebrate my six year anniversary with booba. It was very relaxing and i came back feeling refreshed.

I have two interviews this week for possible teaching opportunities for next year. The first one was today and it went well. The owner was very sweet and i look forward to teaching there this summer and hopefully into next year! Another interview tommorow and i'm sending out a few more resumes. I choose dance as a career and now i have to work three jobs to support it.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

We got the schedule for the company next years - all the tour dates,places, and shows. It's got me excited to go back and be on a real schedule. Better start taking more classes to get in shape. We start August 9th...a few days after my birthday. Bring it on season!!! ;)

Hope you all are well.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Ok, so i love living in a city and all, but when it gets hot and humid like this i feel like i am inside an oven!!! I'm in the living room with a tiny little ac blowing on me still sweating and it's only 10:02am. Today would be a good day to run away from the city...and i think i shall.

I took class on Tuesday. One of the boys in our company taught and there were only three people. So, needless to say, it was very intensive. I'm glad i went (minus the no AC in the studio that day) because it felt good to be covered in sweat and finally be moving again. Dancing in the heat is good for your muscles. They get warm very quickly, stay warm, and you just feel more limber. Not to mention all the toxins that build up in your body that come out of your pores. You feel very refreshed after classes like that. Even better after a shower.

I'm still trying to get my butt into more teaching hours as i know summer will fly quickly. I really need more hours and money. It's so scary to think about how i'm going to pay my living costs, but i'm trying hard to make it work. So far i have two 'new' studios in line for next year. I will be interviewing for them both next week after my trip with booba. We are going away for two days to celebrate six years together. Crazy, time flys and i still feel like we met only yesterday. He's my greatest support team (minus my parents, which is a given) and i can't wait to spend two stress-free days on the beach with him. <3 booba.

We are getting new apprentices in July and i have a teaching schedule for our schools summer program. I'm excited to be choreographing again this year for that and i hope maybe i can set a piece on the new girls coming in! I feel exciting things are coming. I miss teaching and i can't wait to get back into the studio with a for real schedule. Don't get me wrong, i love being lazy and having time off, but a week is enough for me!

Ok, seriously, get me out of this living melting pot. I'm out of here!!! Peace out to the city.....helllllllooooo my parents pool. I know the won't mind a visit ;)


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

shameless plug...

...for myself.

as in dance and all other things, practice make perfect (well, hardly perfect) See my photos of the world around me when i'm not in the studio.

Summer is upon us.

To start off, Romeo and Juliet was beautiful.

I'm off to compmany class today!

I got an email earlier in the week that our director will be teaching class this afternoon for those company members that our still hanging around. I'm a little nervous. Although i was a good ballerina and took two classes last week, my body is no where in the shape it was when we had our last show back in April. I just hope it is an easy class so I can walk tommorow.

On another note, i'm trying to organize my summer teaching schedule. I need more hours!! Money really has me worried for the summer into the fall. It has really taken over my brain for the past few months. Now that the recitals are done and no company till august, i have no paychecks coming in. I just want to be able to pay for the apt., bills, and food. I'm willing to suffer for my art, but surviving is another thing.

Positive note: I am teaching a modern class this summer. It's exciting to get back into the movements. I haven't really been exposed to much modern since college. I've been watching videos, boughts books, and studied up on modern dance to refresh my brain and give the best class i can to the students. It will be a modern/yoga class. I wanted to create a fussion of these two because i feel they are closely related as far as concepts. Creating this class will benifit the students and allow for movement exploration.

Ok, time to bun the hair and get the old leotard on. Have a great day everyone!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Students from the recital on Sunday. I love my students :) photo by ME :)

Today i took a really great class with a teachers in the city that i took a master class with back in the winter. My knee behaved for the most part. I was pretty stubborn and shook it off everytime i felt it work against me. The class was good. I just wish i didn't have to wait a month before taking it because i felt so out of shape. On a positive note, the teacher remembered me from the winter class and gave me tons of correction on top of calling me by name. I felt really honored that he would take the time and gave me pointers that really made sense. I'm really going to enjoy going there for my 'getting back in shape' classes. I'm kicking my own butt and getting things done. Hurray for being productive!

Happy Hump day, off to teach a demo class for prospective students tonight then relaxing with booba.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

To the pointe.

Again, reports are minimal and i am taking adavantage....ok, being lazy...with time off from the company. The dancing for the companys wine tasting fundraiser fell through because my partner disapeared off to teach up in NYC instead. My director was upset at this since she had a piece picked out for us and everything. Another girl from the company will be dancing instead. I'm very ok with that. I got more knee resting/recital prep. time.

First set of recitals open Sunday! I can't wait to see my students on stage. I'm like a proud mama when it comes to them. It feels so wonderful to give back in this field. :)

Class tomm.....if my knee behaves.

Side note.....when did we skip spring and head right into summmer? I'm melting in this lovely no ac apt. Also, teaching tonight in the BROKEN ac studio and in the NO ac gymnastic gym. I'm going to melt away. I know there is 'hot yoga' but is there such thing as 'hot ballet'? It's happening tonight for sure.


OH....also, Romeo and Juliet ballet opens friday. I can't wait to go on a date to see it. That is by far my favorite ballet. The music, emotions, dances, everything about it moves me. I know i'll probably cry. How can't you? :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ah, Wednesday

My cat does yoga.

Hellllo :)
It feels like summer today! It makes me happy, hot, but happy. AND luckily, tommorow is tech. rehearsal for my one studio so i will be inside for most of the day in lovely free airconditioning. I'm excited to see my students dance the pieces they have been working on the big stage. All the rewards of working hard through out the year pays off.

I also am finishing up some last min. touches on costumes/props. I've really been enjoying making some of the details for my costumes this year. I feel like it is a substitute artistic vent since i haven't been dancing with the company. And you know what, it really does help to release that built up stress. I can see myself getting into the arts/craft field when i retire. It makes me almost as satisfied as dancing. Well, ALMOST. Nothing beats dancing though. That will alway take the cake and leave me feeling the most alive. I feel like i become a whole person when i dance. It's hard to explain, but performing shows the person that i am deep inside my heart and soul.

That being said, I need to do that 'taking class' thing again ASAP! But, probably not happening this week with recital stuff happening. I think i'm going to head over to an open class here in the city soon. I just wish it didn't cost money. I hate having to pay for a class. Money is tight to begin with! Well i hope everyone is well, i wish i had more exciting news these day, but downtime leaves me sitting around a lot figuring out future plans. I'm sure things will pick up soon!

Take care~