Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rainy Sunday.


It's a rainy Sunday, but that's ok. I feel like it's justified to be lazy today. Being back with the company feels great even though i still don't feel 100% back in shape like i was back in April. I am regaining my stamina back slowly.

Our show opens in about a week. I can't believe that we will be on stage so soon again. It all feels a little surreal, but i can't wait. I always miss the stage and performing the most.

This year is really shaping up to look like a good one. I have a great new partner who is tall. We are a shorter company so getting a tall guy for once is such a nice change. He is a bit older too so he knows how to partner well and picks up quickly to where i need to be as far as turns and lifts. It's great when you have a partner that is really in tune with your needs. The chemistry on stage will be better and you will be able to get through any little mess ups without being noticed.

Besides the company i will be starting at two new studios teaching this year. I feel like there are new doors being opened this year and although i don't adapt well to change this is a positive step in my life.

Here's to a new year that is already promising to be a good one.

What are your plans/goals ?


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Craig Billow said...

i've got my fingers crossed for a good year, too :) my personal goals are to survive the economy and get a promotion and work closer to home. ps - nice editing <3 keep it up!