Thursday, September 29, 2011

Feeling fall

Well, i have been quite busy. Ever since ballet/teaching has picked up i haven't had much time to myself. My days are really long on the nights i am teaching and i go into automatic mode sometimes just to keep up my energy! It's very draining dancing all day then teaching all night. ( I end up demonstarting basicly everything to my students) I like being busy, but it's also nice to have some 'breathing' time. Today i have just that! We worked about 10 days in a row because of our outside free shows the past two weekends. It's nice to now have a day to catch up on cleaning, laundry, and just resting.

Dracula rehearsals are about 3 weeks in and i feel like we are in good shape. I remember last year we were struggling to finish up the third act a couple of days before opening night. I have mixed emotions about the show. I'm excied to be performing the role of 'bride of dracula', but i'm also a little bummed that i didn't get to do Lucy again this year. I had so much fun with that role last year and felt that i really gave it my all. My director was perfectly nice in explaning that although i did a really good job with the role, we don't have strong enough boys for my height. She pulled me aside to have a meeting with me personally to make sure that i wasn't upset and to let me know that it had nothing to do with how i danced. Im still a little bummed, but i understand where she is coming from. It just leaves me a little nervous for Nutcracker. I am worried that she will take roles away from me that i have worked really hard to achieve. I hate the feeling of being casted down. Why work so hard if i'm just going to be ignored and easily replaced? Anyway, these are my conflicting throughts. I pray that this won't be the case with upcoming productions. Im just going to be

working hard and pushing myself until then.
I hope everyone is well!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I'm on the last two days of the company lay off and i finally have a silver lining to my annyoning shoulder/neck pain. I contacted our physical therapist and told her i wanted to come in and see if she could check it out. She had me twist and turn and do strength tests and told me it was a pull/strain of the Trapezius muscle. It explained why the pain was in my neck and sprayed out to my shoulder. I was relieved it wasn't anything more serious. She put me on a electrotherapy machien for 15min. I've never done that before and it so strange. It was almost as if someone was lightly pinching your skin. I have to go back for a few more sessions to see results. I'm so glad that we have her helping the company out for free.

For the record, googling injuries is a mistake. It always leads you to think you are dying or have some sort of illness.

Maybe i will step outside the box with the time off and take a modern/jazz class tonight..hmmm ....
Be well!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Not Laboring today day...

Not me, but i do love this photo!

It's Labor day weekend and i actually have OFF ! The previous years we usually worked on Labor Day because of upcoming shows. Our schedule is a bit different and we actually are laid off for the week.

We were suppose to have a set of shows last weekend, but as many of you im sure have heard, this little lady named Irene blew through and caused us to cancel two rep. shows down the shore. We were only able to re-schedule one of the shows for the end of the month. It's going to be strange to switch gears from starting Dracula rehearsals to going to back to our rep. work in between both productions. When i'm in Dracula mode....i'm in DRACULA mode. It's tricky going form a flapping hissing bride of Dracula to a unitard sun dancer. Should be interesting...

I keep having "casting" dreams lately and it's bugging me. A lot of the new girls that have come in are really good and pushing ahead of me. I keep dreaming that i am getting pushed away to smaller roles. It's not a HUGE deal to me because as long as i am dancing i should be happy with whatever piece i am given , but it's really hard not to feel that i am getting pushed down instead of up. I don't like this feeling of moving backwards. There's not enough time in a career!!

Anyway, this weekend i plan on decompressing and not letting things bother me. Except, i still have a bad neck :/ It's been three weeks, i think it's dreaded 'doctor' time . I really hope it's nothing serious!

Be well and safe!