Thursday, January 20, 2011

Is it spring yet?

Oh, well hello there spring season. Too bad the weather doesn't match! We are one day away from finishing off an interesting first week back since nutracker/winter break. My body is, of course, feeling a little rough. It's not as bad as i thought since i was a good ballerina and did a bit of stretching in betweeen cookies. Learning new choreography has been challenging since i haven't really done modern in about 4yrs. I am really enjoying it and feel like this will help me to be more well rounded again. It's so nice to turn in and get close to the floor once again. I forgot how much i did enjoy movements where you don't have to force turn out and a smille.

It's suppose to snow tonight and i'm hoping it doesn't affect my morning commute to class!! I'm suppose to learn a little pas de deux from a contemporary piece we have been setting on top of the modern one. I usually love snow days, but i really want to finish up these pieces so i can start putting myself into them instead of just learning the movements. I love getting lost in a role and i don't feel like i have accomplished true artistry until i have done so.

I need some warm weather and wine. I'm trying to get out of the winter blues these past few weeks. I keep taking myself back to the warm days of spring and picnics with booba. I'm such a summer child. Me and cold.....NOT friends.

Hope you are all well and not getting the 'debby downer' winter blues too bad.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My eye stopped twitching.

For the first time in months my eye has stopped twitching.

I just got back from my yearly trip to Florida with my booba post Nutcracker/fall season. It's a way to celebrate getting through the first big chunk (and most challenging physically) of our season and enjoy some warm weather mid-winter. The warm weather for a couple days gives us a break from the cold and makes us excited for spring.

The trip is exactly what the doctor ordered. Two days into our trip my eye stopped twitching! A break from class, rehearsals, teaching, driving, and cold did wonders for my health and spirit. Don't get me wrong, I am in love with my life and all it's chaos, but when your eye twitch starts making you feel like a crazy person with a screw loose it's time for a break! I also think the vitamin D I received from mr. sun was a HUGE help. A gummie D vitamin can't compare to the real deal.

So company starts back next week and it's only now that i am starting to regret that big fruity cocktail and fried seafood. Ok, i am not regreting it at all, but come leotard time i probably will.

Spring season already?? I can't beleive it. I am more excited than ever. We are doing some really wonderful and some new pieces. I love working on new and contemporary choreography. It challenges my brain and awakens my artistry. Bring it on!

Now i just need to work on the six pieces i need choreograph for the students recital. Yikes. Lets see how long it takes before that i starts twitching again haha.

Of Florida. I miss you already.

Sorry for my long v-cay from bloggin! I think i need a disconnect. Hope you all are well!