Saturday, December 24, 2011

Frohe Wienachten!

In the German tradition, my family does presents this Christmas Eve.

Our last set of shows ended last Saturday....a week ago! I have to say i'm a little surprised to miss it already. I feel like i was in the best shape ive been in a while for these shows and now i'm scared that i will lose it. After only a week off (minus one class i took wednesday because i was bored) i can myself getting weaker. I guess it's hard for dancers during the holiday time off. You lose muscle mass faster than you gain it. I wish i had a way to reverse that AND be lazy eating cookies, but sadly i don't think that is a reality.

I'll rest for another couple of days, then try to get back into a normal class routine. Sadly that mean spending money so it will probably only be a few times a week. My second priority will be getting ready for recital and choreography for the piece i wll be setting on the company with a fellow dancers. (more details to come about that one! ) Needless to say...i am very excited about this upcoming project.

My best to you and yours. A very Merry Christmas.

Saturday, December 10, 2011


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Pre-show day jitters. I'm always nervous no matter how many times I've been on stage! Two shows today, yesterdays went fairly well.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Childrens show this morning then one this evening. My snow king is injured, no snow queen for me. I'm bummed :/

Monday, December 5, 2011

Dancing double.

Hey everyone!!
My company and I have survivied our first set of double nutcracker shows!
They snuck up on us so fast this year that i haven't had a lot of time to update. I apoligize for that, but i will try updating about the shows/techs via my phone from now on. I like to document them so i can share what's going on with you all and also to have a written memory of my dancing days.

Anyway, getting back to the shows. They went really well for being our first. We had well over 200 hundred people for our first show because of the large amount of students we had. The first shows audience was also very responsive and i know we all appreciated that. It allowed us to truely enjoy being on stage and bring everything to life. The second show wasn't as croweded and i know a lot of us had to push extra hard to get through it, but i know it will get easier next week.

We were given today off to rest and will start back tommorow to rehearse the next cast. This coming weekend are two sets of double shows and i will be performing Snow Queen and Arabian. I can't wait! I am so excited and nervous at the same time. These rolls give me an opportunity to really show why i love to dance. I try to become the character the best i can and take the audience with me.
nutcracker 1890.

feel like i have a million things to do around the apartment today so i guess i should be starting on that. Don't you love how days off aren't realllllly days off haha.
Hope you are all well!


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Company has off until Sunday where we have rehearsal with the children. For now lots of food and relaxing! Hope you are enjoying the wonderful day!!

Giving thanks today for all the wonderful family and friends around me.

Friday, November 11, 2011


Things this season are moving so fast! I can't believe i am writing about finishing week one of rehearsals for our Nutcracker shows.

My stomach had been in knots for weeks about casting for this production since i got casted down a little in Dracula. I was happy and shocked to see that i was doing arabian, snow queen, and flower princess. I'm so pleased with my parts and actually proud of myself. I've been stretching extra and keeping really focused during class for improvement. I guess putting that extra energy into everything paid off!

This is my third year doing Arabian and my partner and i have some new tricks up our sleeves now that we are comfortable with the part. I can't wait to one-up the already tricky lifts. I trust him completely and know that he would never do any partnering that he doesn't feel safe with. It's so important to have reliable partners!

This weekend will be left for relaxing. I know once shows start there won't be much of those left!

I'd also like the note that i am being such a ninja on ebay doing early Christmas shopping. I love finding amazing gifts and early before the rush!

Hope everyone is doing well! happy 11-11-11!!
ps- i was throwing the idea around in my head , if anyone is interested, in having a penpal? I really miss the old day of letters.


Saturday, November 5, 2011

a very important show

This weekend is a set of VERY important shows for us not because of what we are performing, but where. If we do well and impress them we will be asked to return to that space. It's where we will get the most reconition and we deserve to be there! I had a moment last night before the show when i turned to my booba and said, "We finally made it." It's taken a lot of dedication to the company, but i finally feel like we are where we need to be. People will respect us and more importantly we will have a name and an audience.
One more show on Sunday!! THEN.....Nutcracker rehearsals start this week...dun dun DUNNNNNNNNNNNNN. Casting goes up mon/tue. So nervous...i just want to do arabian again. It has got to be my favorite role.

Hope you are all well!!
me in the dressing room, glowing with excitement.

Saturday, October 29, 2011


We had a good show last night.

Dracula got it's second stage time of the year and this was an important one. We were getting reviewed and video taped so had to be on our game. I love performing at the venue we did because i'm comfortable there. It's our third year of Dracula and she's been doing Nutcracker there since she basicly the start of the company.

I'm going to miss performing this production. I can't believe our last show is tommorow!! I will miss putting white face paint on and dark circles under my eyes. Oh, and putting my gold glittery bra on. I will NOT miss having to do extra ab work.

I'm going out for Halloween tonight and i can't wait! Booba is going as a Plague Doctor and i will be a person infected with it. Pictures will follow for sure. ;)

Happy Halloween!!! what are YOU being?


Monday, October 17, 2011

Back to life!

I am happy to report that my computer is back from repair! I was working on an old laptop that i was borrowing. It worked reallllly slow and froze so frequently it was impossible to do anything on it. I am glad to be back in working order!

Our first Dracula show went really well last Friday! We had a new group of production managers come in to run that show and they did a really great job learning cues and props on short notice. All the elements were there to make the show believable and exciting.

Last night we had showing in the studio for our board members and doctors. Some old and some new people joining us this year. This was such a great showing for us. The audience was so responsive and excited to be there. It's nice performing in an intimate setting like a studio because without lights and special effects you get to see their faces and reactions.

We have a really amazing group of people on our team helping us to make this company grow. AND we have a foot doctor joining us this year! I hope he's ready to work because i know we will all be needing his help!

I'm excited to continue this season on a positive note. I feel empowered and motivated after seeing our 'fans' behind the scenes supporting us with such exci


Keep calm and happy

Friday, October 7, 2011

Here we go

Openng show day of Dracula!

I got my fangs out, white face make-up, and lots of black eyeliner. Today we open our first show of Dracula and i can't wait to transform into a vampire! The make-up and hair for this production is so much fun because our director really leaves it up to us to be creative (and evil of course). I love playing around with different looks and i think i finally have this one nailed down. I'll post a picture later of the end results.

For now, I am relaxing as much as i can and enjoying some coffee in bed. (it really doesn't get better than that). I hope we get a great audience and that everything goes smoothly! I'm feeling the Halloween bug for sure. Don't you just love this time of year? The summer is by far my favorite, but fall is really beginning to grow on me. ;)

Be well!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Feeling fall

Well, i have been quite busy. Ever since ballet/teaching has picked up i haven't had much time to myself. My days are really long on the nights i am teaching and i go into automatic mode sometimes just to keep up my energy! It's very draining dancing all day then teaching all night. ( I end up demonstarting basicly everything to my students) I like being busy, but it's also nice to have some 'breathing' time. Today i have just that! We worked about 10 days in a row because of our outside free shows the past two weekends. It's nice to now have a day to catch up on cleaning, laundry, and just resting.

Dracula rehearsals are about 3 weeks in and i feel like we are in good shape. I remember last year we were struggling to finish up the third act a couple of days before opening night. I have mixed emotions about the show. I'm excied to be performing the role of 'bride of dracula', but i'm also a little bummed that i didn't get to do Lucy again this year. I had so much fun with that role last year and felt that i really gave it my all. My director was perfectly nice in explaning that although i did a really good job with the role, we don't have strong enough boys for my height. She pulled me aside to have a meeting with me personally to make sure that i wasn't upset and to let me know that it had nothing to do with how i danced. Im still a little bummed, but i understand where she is coming from. It just leaves me a little nervous for Nutcracker. I am worried that she will take roles away from me that i have worked really hard to achieve. I hate the feeling of being casted down. Why work so hard if i'm just going to be ignored and easily replaced? Anyway, these are my conflicting throughts. I pray that this won't be the case with upcoming productions. Im just going to be

working hard and pushing myself until then.
I hope everyone is well!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I'm on the last two days of the company lay off and i finally have a silver lining to my annyoning shoulder/neck pain. I contacted our physical therapist and told her i wanted to come in and see if she could check it out. She had me twist and turn and do strength tests and told me it was a pull/strain of the Trapezius muscle. It explained why the pain was in my neck and sprayed out to my shoulder. I was relieved it wasn't anything more serious. She put me on a electrotherapy machien for 15min. I've never done that before and it so strange. It was almost as if someone was lightly pinching your skin. I have to go back for a few more sessions to see results. I'm so glad that we have her helping the company out for free.

For the record, googling injuries is a mistake. It always leads you to think you are dying or have some sort of illness.

Maybe i will step outside the box with the time off and take a modern/jazz class tonight..hmmm ....
Be well!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Not Laboring today day...

Not me, but i do love this photo!

It's Labor day weekend and i actually have OFF ! The previous years we usually worked on Labor Day because of upcoming shows. Our schedule is a bit different and we actually are laid off for the week.

We were suppose to have a set of shows last weekend, but as many of you im sure have heard, this little lady named Irene blew through and caused us to cancel two rep. shows down the shore. We were only able to re-schedule one of the shows for the end of the month. It's going to be strange to switch gears from starting Dracula rehearsals to going to back to our rep. work in between both productions. When i'm in Dracula mode....i'm in DRACULA mode. It's tricky going form a flapping hissing bride of Dracula to a unitard sun dancer. Should be interesting...

I keep having "casting" dreams lately and it's bugging me. A lot of the new girls that have come in are really good and pushing ahead of me. I keep dreaming that i am getting pushed away to smaller roles. It's not a HUGE deal to me because as long as i am dancing i should be happy with whatever piece i am given , but it's really hard not to feel that i am getting pushed down instead of up. I don't like this feeling of moving backwards. There's not enough time in a career!!

Anyway, this weekend i plan on decompressing and not letting things bother me. Except, i still have a bad neck :/ It's been three weeks, i think it's dreaded 'doctor' time . I really hope it's nothing serious!

Be well and safe!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tis the season...the beginning of one.

The season has officially begun!
We are two weeks in and it hasn't been easy. My neck/shoulder decided to go wonky when i woke up on my birthday morning last week. I'm not sure what it could be because the pain is a sharp constant throb from my neck into the top part of my shoulders. I have a hunch that it might be a pinched nerve. The pain really peaked yesterday during rehearsals. I did some move with my arms over my head and i had instant burning pain. I felt light headed and nauseous. Then i couldn't move my left arm. It was such a scary moment and everyone came rushing over to me to ask what was wrong. Working with such a great group of people really made me feel cared for. They all worked together to help me get upstairs and put these pain relief patches on. (those ladies from Japan have these awesome patches that look like giant bandaids that release medicine into where ever you put them) After some advil and laying on my back i felt ok. I'm a tough cookie when it comes to pain, but that was unbearable!
Anyway, besides that little drama things have been ok. LOTS of new people. LOTS of new and GOOD people this season. Looking around the room at the new talent really makes me realize i need to push myself this year. Not that i don't do that usually, but i feel an extra push to keep up with these crazy turners and jumpers. I need to take what i'm good at and excel.
Our first show is this coming Saturday. Much rest and relaxation this weekend to get better for then.

My best to you all.
Ps where is August going??

Thursday, July 21, 2011


So, i haven't posted in a bit because my HP laptop decided to stop turning the screen on for no reason. I'm really upset because it is only about 2yrs old and i have done nothing to prompt this malfunction. So fustrating...

ANYway, things have been wonderful. My booba took me on a suprise vacation to the fingerlake ny. He said we needed to celebrate 7yrs properly and wanted to get away somewhere special. It really was amazing and i could go into details, but i will spare you. Instead, i will sum it up: slept in a real old train caboose as a hotel, swam in a huge lake, drank a lot...a LOT.. of great wines, ate amazing food, and had a wonderful time with my best friend ever :)

We are now a week away from the beginning of the season...yikkkkkkkeeeees. Im ready to get back into the routine but this also leaves me about a week to get semi in shape. We have company headshots/bodyshots the day before we start so i have to look in shape and not like i just went on vacation. Should be interesting.

The new apprentices have been slowly arriving to the studio and i can't help but feel the pressure of pushing myself. Dancers tend to judge themselves and everyone else. It's sad, but we have this drive to stay on top of our game. I think i feel the pressure the most because i have been there so long and i am a company memeber. Some of these newbies are younger and better than me. I have this feeling sometimes that they will look at me and say ' how did SHE make it into the compamy '. It's hard for me to get that thought out of my head and I wish that i could just accept me and my dancing for what it is. Time for some positive energry. Maybe i need some yoga because we start? :)

Anyway, i'll leave you with some photos from the trip. My booba and i are thinking about starting a blog called "Ballet Everywhere" . Everytime we go somewhere or on vacation i always have to take my 'ballet shot'. I thought it might be cool to post a blog of me doing ballet ballet poses in different locations. What do you think? Lame, kinda cool, or it's been done. Anyway, hope you all are enjoying your summer and aren't melting too much! <3

Thursday, June 30, 2011

summer time!

I can't believe it's summer already! It HAS felt like summer for a bit now because of the temperature, but it is OFFICIALLY here now. Summer camp is in full swing and i am enjoying the students. I teach arts and crafts with the mini campers and workshop to the older ones. Workshop is basicly 1 1/2hrs of me teaching them choreography. I am in love with Florence (band) and am doing a contemporary/ballet piece to her 'Rabbit Heart' song. I've alway had an image of Alice in Wonderland when i listened to the song so i decided to do a cliff note version of choreography to tell the story.

The students are having fun with the piece and that is what is most important to me. If the people you choreograph for aren't enjoying what they are giving them then they won't perform it the way you want them too. I love seeing them laugh and add their imput and ideas. As a choreographer i am always feeding off the the energy from the group and will always listen to their ideas/thoughts. I hate people who get so stubborn about how they want things to go. Keeping an open flow of energy and creativity between the dancers and choreographer gives the piece more excitement and energy. It's a rewarding experience and i just love the process.

In other news, i celebrated 7yr with my booba yesterday. I couldn't be happier. :) He's such a great support system for me and my career. Even in my crazy moments he sticks by me. Love you booba, you're the best.

I REALLY need to get my butt to class. Taking

barre once a week is not going to get my butt back into shape! Next week, i'll work on getting better at that.

Hope you are well and cool!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Getting old.

So, just a quick post.

I'm a little embarrased becasue all i did was teach last night and at some point in the evening i must have done a funny move to hurt my back. I don't even remember doing anything dramatic! I came home and the pain started to get a little worse. As Irolled overi had awful pain. It's in the upper part of my back and travels along the side of my rib cage. Here i am being lazy and resting my body and i manange to hurt myself. Kind of ironic. I'm hoping it's not serious because at this point standing, sitting, and laying down all hurt. Thank goodness for my lovely booba who bought me Bengay. It's the only thing that i numbing the pain for a little bit.

Monday, June 13, 2011

June Bug.

Good morning!

I got my contract in the mail for our upcoming season last week. I can't believe it's time to sign contracts already?! We start back August 1st and I CAN'T WAIT. Don't get me wrong, i am enjoying the lazy days of waking up (whenever i want) and wondering what Netflix movie to put on. Or, the days where i sit in bed trying to decide where I am going to take an open ballet class at my leisure. It's been fun, but i miss a REAL schedule and consistant class. (and of course performing)

I have my recitals this coming Saturday and i was asked by my director to perform a short piece in them. I get really nervous performing along side the students because i know the moms and dads are seeing the product of what they are paying for. Not that my performance will do much, but it's still a solo on stage. That would make me nervous any day! It's a circus theme so i bought myself a hula hoop and will do my best to fake some hula tricks. I have attempted a few 'tricks' (by tricks i mean throwing it in the air) already and when i'm not dropping it or hitting myself it looks pretty ok. Seeing my students on stage will give me the most satisfaction. Their progress over a span of a school year is amazing. I'm like a proud mama seeing how far they have come. Teaching gives me such a full feeling. Giving back what was given to me.

Today is another lazy day followed by my last Monday teaching. There will be some hard drilling of their dances to make sure they are ready for the stage! Hopefully a few open ballet classes this week so i don't pull anything when i prance with a hula hoop on stage Saturday! :)

My best to you all.
Do something you love, and do it with all your heart today.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Good Morning!

A photo I took a few months ago.

I'm sitting here enjoying my french pressed coffee on a lovely cool spring morning. We just got over a mini pre-summer heat wave that really made me feel lazy. I did manage to take a ballet class at our studio with the students in NO air conditioning. Even though I was dripping in sweat before tendus, I felt good about the class and was nice to take a smaller class . It's been a while since we've had consistant class/rehearsal and i can feel my muscles having to work a lot harder to remember certain positions. Technique seems the first element to go when you don't dance everyday!

We are still on our layoff until the beginning of August and i am trying to keep myself occupied with recital stuff and get at least two classes in a week. I wish I could take class everyday, but money becomes such a huge issue. My boyfriend and i have a few weddings to shoot and we already had one a few weeks ago. The money from that really helps me and i usually set a side a chunk of it for open classes/gas money to drive to the studio.

I'm feeling positive and trying to keep that way going into the next season. We are getting a bunch of new dancers and from what i heard they are pretty good. I hate competition, but i can't help but feel that i will lose parts if i don't push a little. It's an awful insecurity that i'm sure other dancers share. I want to go into next season in the best shape i can so i can show my director that i am committed and serious about improving. It's time tostep my game up!

Summer is around the corner and wonderful opportunities are lining up. I'm ready!

My best to you all,

Friday, May 20, 2011

That's a wrap.(for now)

I've been behind on the posts and i apologize for that. As i had mentioned before in previous posts I have been working on a pas that was performed last night at an award show for arts. I was able to walk away pretty pleased with how it went.

The stage was a bit small and the floor was a little slippery since we didn't bring our floor, but we made it work. It felt really good to be on that stage in front of all those supporters of the arts. I want to show them who we are and what we do. We are a small company and not a lot of people know of us. People were coming up to us saying that they have never heard of us before and they wish they would have. It was nice to network and finally have some possible new fans!

It was such an honor getting to perform that pas. It's so beautiful and full of moments that you can really connect to. I hope in future i will be able to do it on a bigger stage. One can only hope right?

I just feel really pleased in general. I have such a peaceful feeling in my heart knowing that i'm doing exactly what i've always dreamed about. This is who i am through and through.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

A show!

So, here i am enjoying my lazy time off when i get an email from my director. She asked me if i would be willing to do a pas de deux for an award ceremony our company was asked to be in. I am so excited because i have been wanting to do this pas from Eclipse since i first saw the ballet. It's more of a contemporary piece and the music/movement is just beautiful. I'm honored to be asked. I will get to perform the piece on stage in Atlantic City!!

Today was only my second day of rehearsal....and second day back to ballet. I am sore, but content. We finished learning the choreography today but i still have a bit to get back in shape. I missed ballet. It has only about a month too! I can't wait!!


Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!!!

I am natures biggest fan. I want to celebrate today by enjoying the wonderful gifts we recieve from the earth. Take a moment today to truely appreciate everything around you. Pick up a piece of trash, walk instead of drive, plant a flower/tree, or just take a second to sit outside. Close your eyes and just listen to the life around you. The earth might have something to say. :)

There is a pleasure in the pathless woods, There is a rapture on the lonely shore, There is society, where none intrudes, By the deep sea, and music in its roar: I love not man the less, but Nature more.
-- George Gordon, Lord Byron

Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring in the air.

Well i'm feeling much better and not so debbie downer-ish. A few days after i posted my previous blogg i got the yucky flu. I blame it for the bad feelings i was having. It really hit me hard and had me in bed for a few days. Coming out of it has left me feeling refreshed and motivated. I'm happy to be back to myself and will make sure to wash my hands extra after teaching my little ones. (where i most likely picked it up)

I should start getting back into class again. I've been trying to stetch a little here and there so i don't get too stiff, but i need a good class to kick my butt and sweat out some toxins.

I've been debating going for light jogs i'm just worried it will build the wrong muscles. The ideas of just running in the park with the birds and fresh air sounds really refreshing to me. I guess i can weigh the pros and cons of it.

Not too much else going on here. Lazy days followed by occationally teaching in the evening. I wish more was going on. I'd like to pick up added hours teaching and have been looking into summer programs. I hope i can get a nice line up so i'm not totally broke before our season starts back.

I will be assisting in photographing a few weddings this summer with my booba so that's some extra income. I can't wait. I love getting to make extra money working with my boy and best friend. :) I'd really like to see our mini side buisness of event photography take off a bit more. Landing some more gigs would really help me out.

Hope everyone is doing well!! Go outside and get some of that lovely spring air. It's alive and full of new hope.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Good Morning.

Morning everyone! Today i will get my butt back into class. It's been about a week an a half now since my last class and my body and emotions feel it. I've been a bit depressed. This happens to me everytime the season ends and i'm forced to face life without a routine. It's the routine of getting up, bunning my hair, and mentally preparing for class and rehearsal that i miss. People that work a 'normal' job have consistancy(for the most part) that a performer does not. Our schedules change so often that we are always re-adjusting the way we do things. I hate change and need to have a routine to fall into. Adding class back into my life will change my mood significantly. I think dance will always have to be a part of my life. I feel so lost without out. It's who i am and how i express myself. When i don't have it i feel like i've lost my identity. I'm curious if other artists feel the same way? Not even just dancers, but all forms of art. Do you lose who you are when you stop doing what defines you? DOES it define you? My head has been swimming with these questions lately. I guess we all hit these road blocks in our career. It will all pan out i'm sure. We all have our purposes. :)

Getting ready for class now, my best to you all. Keep positive and go for what you want. Do what you love and you will be rewarded.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bed surfing.

Our last show is officially and it went well. The energy on the stage was very positive because we all knew this would be our last show. It gave everyone an extra push of even after performing some of the pieces multiple times. I know i felt it. I remember a point where i just looked around and thought to myself, "this is my JOB, how did i get so lucky?" My body gave it's all and my heart felt so light. I can't wait to get on stage again. Now i just need to get through some down time.

To clear my thoughts from dance for a few days i decided to make a 'dream board'. I put thing on it that i want and will for my future. I say i will have these things not to be selfish, but to set a goal for myself and approaching them with a positive attitude. "Maybe" just doesn't cut it. Why can't we have what we want and love what we love? Sometimes our negative 'not good enough' attitudes get us in the wrong mindset and repeatative 'can't' gets us down. So today say "i will __________" and keep that positive outlook even when it looks dim. You might not have 'it' right away, but look around you, do you have a part of it already? Be grateful for what you have, after all, did you not wish for a few things that you do have in your life ? We all just need to take a step back sometimes and realize the wonderful things we have already and set those goals for our future dreams. Here is my "Dream 'i will' board" filled with just a few things:
(not really career related right now, that will be a whole new board later :) )

Sunday, March 20, 2011

An Ending...

Our last show of the season was last night! I can't believe another season has come to an end and another season of trying to figure out what i'm going to do has started. More posting when i have recovered and rested my bod for a day! :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Big Apple!

We are off in those lovely stretched white vans tommorow for two shows in NYC!! I get a little bit more nervous for the shows there because there is more pressure to be perfect. NYC is such a huge hub for the dance world. When you go there to see dance people know what they like and don't like. We usually only perform so our audience consist of fans ofthe company or locals looking for something to do. New York will bring us dance critics, a possible booking agent, and other dancers curious to see who this small company is.

There was a lot of tension today in the studio. Last rehearsals before a set of important shows will do that. We ended up running and cleaning more than usual and ran out of time to run the last rep. piece. Yikes. I feel the most comfortable with that piece, but it still makes you feel a little anxious having not run and fixed little pre-show kinks. Hopefully we will be able to give the piece some extra time tommorow before the show. Keeping positive until then!!

Long weekend, bring it on!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Warm it up..

We are in rehearsals now for a set of shows (3 shows total) that we will be taking to NYC! This will be our second time returning there and i am very excited. We will have two shows there and i will get to stay overnite with a good friend who use to dance with the company.

I am in three of the four pieces so i have a lot of dancing to do. It's a good thing, but my body is feeling it. It's the end of the season and it's alway around this time when old injuries and new ones start popping up because of constant wear and tear throughout the year. Alas I have found a good solution for temporary help and pain relief. My plug in heating pad. I've been bringing it to class with me and warming up my hamstrings and hips before barre. It does wonders!! Having the heat allows my muscles to warm up quickly so stretching is less painful. It's my new best friend! :)

Season is over in less than a month, where did the time go? But more importantly...what will i do with myself?!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Be Mine.

Happy Valentines Day!
My heart is filled with love today and everyday. <3