Friday, June 3, 2011

Good Morning!

A photo I took a few months ago.

I'm sitting here enjoying my french pressed coffee on a lovely cool spring morning. We just got over a mini pre-summer heat wave that really made me feel lazy. I did manage to take a ballet class at our studio with the students in NO air conditioning. Even though I was dripping in sweat before tendus, I felt good about the class and was nice to take a smaller class . It's been a while since we've had consistant class/rehearsal and i can feel my muscles having to work a lot harder to remember certain positions. Technique seems the first element to go when you don't dance everyday!

We are still on our layoff until the beginning of August and i am trying to keep myself occupied with recital stuff and get at least two classes in a week. I wish I could take class everyday, but money becomes such a huge issue. My boyfriend and i have a few weddings to shoot and we already had one a few weeks ago. The money from that really helps me and i usually set a side a chunk of it for open classes/gas money to drive to the studio.

I'm feeling positive and trying to keep that way going into the next season. We are getting a bunch of new dancers and from what i heard they are pretty good. I hate competition, but i can't help but feel that i will lose parts if i don't push a little. It's an awful insecurity that i'm sure other dancers share. I want to go into next season in the best shape i can so i can show my director that i am committed and serious about improving. It's time tostep my game up!

Summer is around the corner and wonderful opportunities are lining up. I'm ready!

My best to you all,

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