Friday, May 20, 2011

That's a wrap.(for now)

I've been behind on the posts and i apologize for that. As i had mentioned before in previous posts I have been working on a pas that was performed last night at an award show for arts. I was able to walk away pretty pleased with how it went.

The stage was a bit small and the floor was a little slippery since we didn't bring our floor, but we made it work. It felt really good to be on that stage in front of all those supporters of the arts. I want to show them who we are and what we do. We are a small company and not a lot of people know of us. People were coming up to us saying that they have never heard of us before and they wish they would have. It was nice to network and finally have some possible new fans!

It was such an honor getting to perform that pas. It's so beautiful and full of moments that you can really connect to. I hope in future i will be able to do it on a bigger stage. One can only hope right?

I just feel really pleased in general. I have such a peaceful feeling in my heart knowing that i'm doing exactly what i've always dreamed about. This is who i am through and through.

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