Thursday, July 22, 2010

The turn around

I have to start off this post by first thanking everyone who responded to my desperate cries for help on how handle a group of 7-8yr olds in ballet. I can't tell you how helpful your ideas/thoughts were and I really appreciate the feedback!

THANK you.

The class went SO much better. I don't know if another teacher gave them a stern talking to or what, but they were on a totally different level than they were in the previous weeks. For their choreography class i decided to collaborate with them. I had them come up with a story/theme. They all wanted to be bees. So, i created a piece around the day of a bumble bee and it was probably the most fun they have had all week. In the end we created a really cool piece of choreography. I found that involving them more and letting them have a voice (besides a loud,complaining one) really helped them focus and engage in what we were doing. It was also my last week with them.

I finished a piece of choreography that i set on the older campers. (really mixed group, age wise) I feel pleased with the work and how they are presenting it. It's harder for a younger group to express certain emotions so i try to give them big traveling steps that occupy alot of space. I feel like this forces them NOT to hold back and allows to open the door more for self expression. I told them to connect the movement with a story in their head. I know they will do well on Friday when they present the piece. I feel satified that it is a finished piece of work. It's like i was in thereapy and got it all out of my head. That's the release after a piece is done for me.

Well i hope everyone is well. Things are looking up still and i will continue to push ahead a little more everyday. I am blessed to be able to be a teacher while being a student - always learning everyday - still. I am blessed to be able to dance still and express myself. I am blessed that i am able to support myself with what little money i bring in. It's worth it to do something that i love and sacrafice not having deigner bags or my nails/hair done. It's the little things that matter most.

My best to you!

ps- i apologize for my grammer and spelling mistakes in my posts. I always go back and re-read older posts and slap my hand to my forehead for some of grammer mistakes i make. I think i need someone to proof my posts before they go out to the public! :)

pps- the wedding booba and i shot was beautiful. We made a good team and got some great pictures out of it. It was also wonderful practice for me. I can't wait for the next one!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Chin up! (pointe your feet)

Things are looking up!

I finally got a semi-schedule organized for next year and that makes the OCD in me calm down. I think as dancers our need for control and perfect spills over into our everyday lives. Things need to be certain and have a sequence. I am very pleased that i got the job i interviewed for. I feel that this studio will help me grow as a teacher and further fine tune my abilities to lead.

Speaking of abilities to lead, how do you convince a groupd of 7-8yr olds who hate ballet to enjoy it?! The youth camp i am teaching this summer is just not grasping the idea that ballet can be fun. I make the class easy and fun with lots of jumps, but i still get the "this is boooorrring", "i don't want to do this". It's very fustrating. That age group can be really rough and i feel that some of them are merely there because their parents needed a place to put them in the summer while they go to work.

I am having a good summer camp experience overall. I LOVE with the new studio i am teaching at. Such wonderful students hungry to learn. I feel like i can give them so much material and they just eat it up wanting more. It is a good fit for me and i really hope i can pick up one day a week with them at least.

Last weekend i shoot an engagement session with booba that went really well.( My choreography skills came in handy with coordinating different shots. I think my dance background will help with my photography practices because i already know a bit about lines and aesthetics. Although i have a LONG way to go learning about photography, i feel like i have a great teacher (thanks booba) and an open mind (and eye).

Shooting my first wedding tommorow!! I am SO excited. I just love this couple. We hung out with them and ate chinese a few days ago to talk about shots they would like. They are very layed back and will be easy to work with. AND it's a wedding on the beach, how beautiful. I love being an assistant.

Exciting things are happening and i feel blessed for my triple excursions. Which follow , from my heart, in this order:


My goal for this coming season is to excel in all three to the best of my ability. I feel fullfilled. Isn't that untimately the goal in everyones journey here?

What drives YOU?

My best to you all

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Camp time!

Teaching summer camp kicks off today! Thank you 100+ heat wave for your timing.

I am actually really excited to start teaching today. I have missed the studio and it's only been a couple of weeks. This studio I am heading out to today seems really laid back and I already know a couple of the students. I interviewed there last week (as i had posted previously) and felt right at home. I hope they are hungry to learn! :)

Tommorow I am planning on taking company class and then i have a marathon of teaching 10:30- to about 6pm. (of course with some small breaks in between) It is at our companies international summer camp. I am VERY excited for this one. I teach arts and crafts, ballet, and two workshops!! I finally get to choreograph again and get all those ideas and movements out of my head. It's amazing how quickly they start pilling up in there when you sit around the pool all day like a bum drinking margaritas. (which i have enjoyed completely) It's time to get MOVING again.

I am teaching a demo-ballet class for another place that i interviewed at last Friday. I was horribly late to it thanks to fouth of July traffic, but i think it went fairly well. I really hope i get it! $ <- this is making me nervous again as per usual.

Almost a month to go before company starts! (yikes!) I am boot camping my butt back into shape when this heat wave stops frying us like an egg.

Here's to summer dance camps and lazy weekends!
Hope everyone had a great fourth of July (where is the summer going??)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm back

On the ocean in Cape May!

I had a lovely trip to Cape May last weekend to celebrate my six year anniversary with booba. It was very relaxing and i came back feeling refreshed.

I have two interviews this week for possible teaching opportunities for next year. The first one was today and it went well. The owner was very sweet and i look forward to teaching there this summer and hopefully into next year! Another interview tommorow and i'm sending out a few more resumes. I choose dance as a career and now i have to work three jobs to support it.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

We got the schedule for the company next years - all the tour dates,places, and shows. It's got me excited to go back and be on a real schedule. Better start taking more classes to get in shape. We start August 9th...a few days after my birthday. Bring it on season!!! ;)

Hope you all are well.