Tuesday, August 31, 2010


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Well, class and rehearsal are over and now putting make-up on. Show opens in about an hour from now. Merde to us!
In the van listening to my meditation podcast on our 4hr drive to the Hamptons! Ballet company road trip in full pursuit. :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

season opens

We have our official first performance of the season in the Hamptons, NY tommorow!

I'm very excited to be performing again. Even though it hasn't been that long since our last show, I always am looking for that next stage to step out on and shine. It's such a wonderful rush that is hard to replace.

It's going to be a LONG day though so i hope that i am able to do my best in the evening. We leave 7:30am from the studio and drive up in two vans with out 5hr commute. Getting in around 12pm or so (traffic pending) we will set up and space at 2pm. Company class probably around 7pm and show opens at 8pm. Show ends about 10pm and we pack up and head back 10:30pm. Get back to the studio around 2am and i drive home getting to my wonderful bed at 4am. yike. Luckily we have off the rest of the week so guess what i am doing lots of. Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. (and yoga later in the week)

It will be a fun adventure with new and old company members. We will be able to get to know each other better and bond. These are always great opportunities to get closer with your fellow dancers. I can't wait. :)

My best to you and your dreams - however big or small*

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Worst blister ever. I feel like i wore pointe shoes for the first time ever. Wearing my new shoes without wrapping my toes first was a bad choice. I ended up with some pretty bloody and unhappy blisters on my big and little toe.

This of course also happened on a Monday so i have been struggling to keep them clean all week. Today we had dress rehearsal in the studio and after running one piece i couldn't take the pain any more. I'm usally a tough cookie when it comes to pain, but this was unbearable. I HAD to take my shoes off and put my flats on. My director understood, but i still felt bad for my partner who didn't really get to do the piece full out with me.

I hope these heal quickly and i can get my shoes back on without flinching. The show is just around the corner!! AND teaching is starting up soon as well.

Time to put the peroxide on the toes and rest my legs!


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rainy Sunday.


It's a rainy Sunday, but that's ok. I feel like it's justified to be lazy today. Being back with the company feels great even though i still don't feel 100% back in shape like i was back in April. I am regaining my stamina back slowly.

Our show opens in about a week. I can't believe that we will be on stage so soon again. It all feels a little surreal, but i can't wait. I always miss the stage and performing the most.

This year is really shaping up to look like a good one. I have a great new partner who is tall. We are a shorter company so getting a tall guy for once is such a nice change. He is a bit older too so he knows how to partner well and picks up quickly to where i need to be as far as turns and lifts. It's great when you have a partner that is really in tune with your needs. The chemistry on stage will be better and you will be able to get through any little mess ups without being noticed.

Besides the company i will be starting at two new studios teaching this year. I feel like there are new doors being opened this year and although i don't adapt well to change this is a positive step in my life.

Here's to a new year that is already promising to be a good one.

What are your plans/goals ?


Saturday, August 14, 2010


Well i'm back!


*Colorado was BEAUtiful. We went on a train ride through the mountains that just showed the true beauty of the landscape.

*The wedding was wonderful. They got married in the woods by a stream. It was so lovely and i know they will be happy together.

*At the reception they had a salsa instructor come and teach an hour lesson. Even though i was date-less, i had fun. The instructor came over and danced with me for a bit and even taught me some new moves they weren't showing other people because i was picking it up pretty quick. (future career? hah...probably not, i'm just good at faking it)

*This week finished up week one back to the company.

*Re-learned the rep. pieces and finished two of them.

*I'm still getting to meet and learn the names of the new dancers. There is a handful of them and the most i think we've had all season. They all are very nice and quick learners

*It will be an interesting season and one that i am very excited for.

My brain is fried from a very long first week back. From being lazy most of the summer to full time really knocked me out. My body is sore, but my mind is in the right place. Lets DO this. :)


Thursday, August 5, 2010


Well i'm off to Colorado in about 5hrs for a wedding of childhood neighbores. I was suppose to go stand-by with my parents, but the flights are all booked so i'm traveling solo!! I'm excited for my first flight alone. I still remember my first time traveling to NYC by myself going to an audition. Every little adventure alone makes me feel more confident in my independance. I like being able to do things on my own, itmakes me feel accomplished!

I'll be back Sunday with just enough enough time to sew up some new shoes and head off to company class Monday morning. It's going to be a little rushed, but I'm ready to head back into the studio.

Yesterdays master class i taught went really well. I love teaching and sweating, sometimes more than the students. I know that i gave them my all. After i taught there was a guest teacher doing a contemporary class and guess who took it, ME. It felt good to dip into another style. Actually, it felt GREAT. I didn't realize how much i missed the other forms i use to take in college. You get so wrapped up in the daily ballet class that we forget our body CAN roll on the ground and contract. Today i am feeling sore so it's good that i just have to sit on a plane.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!
Updates when i return :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Birthday birthday birthday !!!

I still have two hours left of my birthday so I figured i would milk it.

I had a wonderful birthday; breakfast, games, the ZOO, and a lovely evening drink (or two). This years birthday was a great one. AND the first time ever i had a suprise party. (thanks booba) I'm all smiles.

AND, i'm off to slumber because this birthday girl has to teach pretty early tommorow morning. Busy next couple of days coming up.

I hope everyone is well!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Angel project.

I got to have another wonderful photoshoot with the photographer i worked with a couple of months ago. The project he is doing is a benifit for all the local police officers who have been killed in the line of duty. I brought with me two girls from our company so it was nice to not be alone completely in front of the camera. He also snapped from shots of us for a tutu website that he works with. It was a fun day for sure!

I love that i will have these captured memories for when i am older. I can look back and remember all the great adventure this dance path has taken me on. I am so, so lucky.

I am also very lucky because last night my booba threw me a suprise party for my birthday. (well, my birthday day is Tue. but it's easier to celebrate on the weekend) I felt so loved to see all the people who came out. I also got to sing and dance the night away. AND had a delicious cake that booba picked up for me from china town - chocolate with chocolate fudge frosting...YUMMMM.

One week in counting of break left before back to the company!
Birthday Tuesday, and teaching in the evening.
Teaching a master class on Wednesday.
Thursday, leaving for Colorado for a wedding!
Coming back Sunday (dads bday).
Company class/rehearsal Monday.