Thursday, December 31, 2009

"how you dance, is who you are." -Suzanne Farrell

Just a quick post to wish everyone a happy,safe, and healthy New Year!
Lets hope 2010 is a good one!


Sunday, December 27, 2009


My awesome roommate got me a free 3month trial to netflicks so last night i spent the evening picking out and browsing through movies. I came across a documentary i remember a friend mentioning entitled "Ballerina" by director Bertrand Normand. Netflixs, being awesome as they are, had a "watch now" option so i did. It was a very interesting film that took you through the training and selection process of selecting Russian ballerinas from the Mariinski Theatre. (formerly known as the Kirov) It followed five ballerinas and their and their struggles/joys/progress. I suggest all dancers (or non!) watch it.


Friday, December 25, 2009

Tis the season!!!!! and the end of a season....

Happy Holidays everyone!!!

So, good news...nutcracker finished successfully, bad news, had to travel in 2feet of snow to get to the last show that was 2hrs away. The show went well considering we were missing half our company due to a huge snow storm (record breaking) the day before. I was planning on not going because my car was snowed in and the streets were awful but, since we were already missing so many dancers i took the risk. It all worked out. I did, however, get thrown into party scene as a mom along with my friend. We did a good job making up the moves since we found out 5min before we would be doing it. It was covered well as us pretending we were the "drunk" guests. All in all it was a full house and our last show of the season.

The last two weeks of shows was spend rehearsing for our spring shows. She is doing rep. that she choreographed a while ago and hasn't set on the company since it first started. I'm pretty excited to be learning something new this year. My favorite piece so far is the beatles ballet that she taught us. It's four couples and involves a lot of cool partnering. The other ballets are pretty as well. We all got videos of them to study over the break so we don't forget what we learned. We will see who actually watches them haha.

Two months off now! I'm sure i'll be able to update more. Even though it will probably involve me complaining about how out of shape i am getting. I am going to try and take a few classes here and there in the city, but i also have to watch my money. Classes can get to be so expensive!

Sorry i didn't update much during the Nutcracker season like i said i would. Between rehearsals and teaching time just slipped away from me.

I hope that you all have a happy and safe holiday!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

where's the understudy?

So crazy times at our company today.
We had a 10:30am childrens show this morning and an hour before the opening we are scrambling to switch around parts. The sugar plum of the day woke up and had horrible back pains and was unable to do her part that evening. Now, she does have another cast for that part, but the other casts partner broke his foot two days ago. She didn't feel comfortable doing the pas with another partner without rehearsing it. Every guy partners different so i can understand this. My director decided that they would do just their variations and finale. Ok, that problem was solved. BUT, the two sugar plums also shared the parts of snow princess, chinese, and flower princess. YIKES. SO, lead marzipan had to learn chinese in an hour you, our director called in a retired dancer (of two years) to do flower princess. To sum it up, in case i lost you, it was a big fat mess. It also proves how important it is to have understudies. This is something that we seem to lack having since we are a smaller company. I guess we just have to do what we have to do to make it work!

Although we had some last min. crazy town, the show went surprisingly smooth. Arabian went MUCH better. We got all the lifts. Everyone just seemed to have a much more on show. I'm a bit surprised too because we were all up really early for this one and given a mild heartattack with the injuried. We pulled together and made it happen.

Another early one tommorow and a 7:30 in the evening. We are going to need all the energy we can get! Merde!!


Think happy thoughts. My Oona is <3

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


So my director today in rehearsal wanted to change the end bird lift in arabian because we didn't get it in the show. Boys, being stubborn as they usually are, said that he didn't want to. She told him to show her the lift five times in a row and she will let him do it. So we did. The crazy bird lift from a split on the floor is back in. I think the only reason it didn't go up is because it was the first time on stage. Nerves will do that to you. I'm confident we will get it. We have only missed it maybe twice in rehearsal so i know it can be done.

We get to sleep in tommorow (class at one...yay) since we have a 10:30am show the following day. It's going to be a LONG week. I will be blogging at the show! Five shows this week. Yikes. HELLO stamina.

Tis the season!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

up north with snow

Hey everyone I'm blogging from my new phone so we will see how this goes! I'm up north with booba staying at his parents for some xmas activities. It beautifuly snowy here. The drive up took a little under 2hrs after my show and I was beat. The show was just ok for me. Some parts went better than others. We didn't get the ending lift in arabian because my partner was tired from doing snow king as well. But, I'm sure we will get it next time! Its hard switching partners which oim sure had some effect. Last night was my first time with this one. Long long week ahead of about 5 shows. I'm going to need my rest! Hope you are all well! *sara*

Friday, December 4, 2009

...and a chance of snow

Our second show of Nutcracker is tommorow night and snow is in the forecast. Not a big deal. They are only calling for 1/2 an inch, which really might end up being just rain. It's still exciting to think of seeing the white stuff in the air as we perform Nutcracker. Both are just magical. I have been thinking alot about the show and how certain parts still makes the hair on my arm stand up. After all the sweat, blisters, and long hours that is put into the show that i have been lucky to be performing since i was 12 i'm still amazed by it. You either hate or love the ballet, or it's a love/hate. I have a special place for the ballet in my heart because it was the first professional ballet that i performed in. So for me, it reminds me of when i fell in love with ballet. When i knew that this is what i wanted to do. I am embracing every moment of it this year. You never know when it will be your last!

On a side note, we have started our spring rep. already! We have to start later this spring so she is trying to get all the choreography in now before we go on break. That way we can come back and refresh what we already learned. It is a bit much running long rehearsals for spring rep. and nutcracker shows, but it's refreshing to be learning something new. AND, this is a show i have never done before. She has pulled different pieces from her rep. including a beatles ballet. It should be a really fun show. Love love love :)
Ok, gotta finish getting stuff together for tommorow. Hope you are all well.

ps my booba made this for me the other day. I just love it. It just about sums me up <3

Sunday, November 29, 2009

one down!

It officialy feels like the holidays when you meet this guy

We had our first set of shows this past Saturday. After a pretty rough tech. rehearsal, the show seemed to run pretty smoothly. I feel like things were poorly organized. We ended up just running first act during the tech. and not second. It was scary because flowers really needs to be spaced on the stage before you do it due to the amount of people on stage and the different formations. We did our best to just feel each other and our opposites. I think it worked out, but it still made the show extra nerve wrecking for us.

My first show of arabian was pretty good. We didn't get the end lift, but we covered it well enough. It was a combination of nerves and the fact that my partner was worn out due to ANOTHER rehearsal he had previously during the day with another company. Kinda sucks that he wore himself out on the day of a show. Typical male dancer. (no offense) I do it with my other partner next weekend so we shall see how that goes.

On another note, thanksgiving was great. It was nice to relax with my family and booba and eat some great food. My director gave us two days off after the show which is nice. Then on tue. we start our spring show rehearsals already. It just never ends haha. Tuesday we have a wine tasting fund raiser for the company and i got the fun job of dressing up in a costume and pouring wine. Should be interesting. I'm hoping for a few glasses afterwards haha.

Hope you all had a safe and happy thanksgiving weekend!
Next set of shows next weekend!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy thanksgiving!! Have a wonderful day <3

Sunday, November 22, 2009

sugar plum dew drops and flower mazipans

Hey guys!

Two full weeks of Nutcracker rehearsals finished and an opening show the day after turkey day. It's always a little rough to do a show after thanksgiving. You get in a relaxed food coma-state only to have to squeeze into a tutu a day later. But, once shows start and we get more comfortable with the performance Nutcracker will be over. It always seems to fly past pretty quickly. I look forward to our little because my body and mind needs a break to reboot. There are a lot of little things i would like to do with my time off that i don't get to when i'm busy. I want to paint a little, read a good book, and start choreography for my students recital. I've got about 6 or 7 pieces i need to start thinking of ideas for so i know that will keep me busy.

The next few days before opening i'm going to try and take it easy and rest up as much as i can. Arabian can be scary with all the lifts and tricks. What makes it hard is the fact that it is up to the guy to make the piece work. There is only so much i can do to make a lift work! I do enjoy that part though. Doll is cute as well. It's always interesting to look at the costume and read all the names that were on the inside from previous dancers with the company. I think the oldest name from the doll tutu i'm wearing goes back to '94. Crazy. So much history/sweat in one outfit. It makes me think about what they were thinking and feeling doing the part. If we share the same anxiety about certain moves or interpret the part the same. Just an interesting thought that ran through my head.

on a side note: we all must face it. christmas is coming up around the bend. tis the season! :) i'll be posting our christmas card photo we took soon so look forward to that's pretty awesome.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

updates! quick quick

Well now that Dracula is OFFICIALY over and Nutcracker rehearsals are in full swing i've been worn out almost everyday. I usually come home from teaching/rehearsals with just enough energy to brush my teeth say good night to booba and hop into bed. My schedule is really taking a bit of a toll on me. I just need a good solid week off to do nothing and mean NOTHING. NO chores or odd end jobs that i need to get done. No deadlines, no stretching, no planning, no cleaning. Nothing. But when does that ever happen haha. I guess i'm getting a little burnt out. I just have to look forward to getting through a month of shows till christmas for some down time. :)

Nutcracker casting made me happy this year. I got arabian which i have been wanting to do for a while now. There are a lot of gymanstic type moves in it which i'm comfortable with already having took it for about 5years. I also got party doll, snow princess, flower princess, and dew drop. I'm pretty proud that all my hard work is paying off! It makes all the partnering bruises i'm getting right now worth it haha.

This week is half-way done and i'm ready for the weekend for sure. Hope you are all doing well!

Monday, November 2, 2009

That's a wrap....

Halloween 09' was fun and filled with apple cider/rum! Ocktoberfest couple turned out great :

We wrapped up our last show of Dracula last night at our studio showing WAY up north about 2 and half hrs away. It was a long drive, but it feels good to be done a month long run of the ballet. Time to retire the fangs for a bit and take out my tiara for good ol' nutcracker!


Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!!!

Happy Halloween to everyone!!!! :) I had to bring this picture of my Oona angel back. She just looks so cute in her dollar store halloween costume. :)

I'm going dressed as a german beer girl, i'm sure pictures will follow. Everyone have a great day today and get lots of candy!!
One more Dracula show tommorow. I will miss it when it's over.
Be safe.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

1 more!

Here are pictures from our photoshoot, and one of our pumpkins we carved :)

Well, sadly our show up north was cancelled today. (it was suppose to be tommorow evening) Lack of ticket sales and promotion are to blame. Now we only have one more show on Sunday which is a wine tasting/showing. We will be performing the full version of Dracula just without props/lighting. (since it's in a studio) I'd rather finish a show off on an actual stage, but i guess times are tough everywhere and we have to do what we have to save money!

The cape may shows this past weekend went pretty good. There were some lighting issues since we were working with a new stage crew, but overall things went smoothly. My booba and i were able to get a really good deal on a bed and breakfast in the area since we had two shows. It was easier to stay down the than commute and the woman gave us a "starving artist" discount after we explained to her that i was in the ballet and just needed a place to sleep. AND we lucked out that she actually knew one the of the students performing with us. (ironic) It was a lovely place and i had a good time hanging out in the beautiful victorian town.

After the shows we stayed at my parents house and had a fun photoshoot in the woods. I had a tutu made for me by a woman i met at a craft fair my booba was selling photography at. We figured to make the best of the beautiful leaves of fall before they are all gone and it's too cold to be outside in a leotard.

Well i'm off, long day of Nutcracker rehearsals (yes already) and teaching. Halloween is soon!!!
What's everyone dressing as???
Be well, ~Sara~

Thursday, October 22, 2009

to the pointe...

Just a brief update since i'm on my way to teach in a few min.

The demonstration went very well yesterday. The stage, however, is HUGE and we all were pretty winded. On top of already cardio dancing we had to travel twice as much to go on and off the stage. But, reguardless of that everything went smoothly and we got a great reaction from the students. We are hoping that by giving them this sneak peak to the ballet that they will come out this weekend to check out the full show. They will be offered a discount when they show as well since it is their highschool we are performing at.

On an awesome note. Today i received my free two pair of pointe shoes! This is very exciting to me because it saves me money. Someone had donated money to our pointe shoe fund and each company memeber was able to get a pair of shoes. We are hoping to be able to supply them for the apprenctices as well in the future. I believe this is a step towards a really positive thing.

Dracula tommorow and saturday! Merde to us all!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

In cape may early this morning for a h.s demonstration+q&a. We are doing parts of dracula for them. Updates to come!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Rain rain rain....

Today is pretty cold and rainy out. It's like a little sneak peek to December and all it's frozen deadness. Well, it's not THAT cold yet, but i can feel it in the air already. That and the fact that lots of stores are busting out the Christmas stuff nice and early. I'm feeling comfortable in my bed. I've got my hoodie on and a cup of coffee. It's the little simple things that make me feel happy.

Our first set of shows went pretty well. Actually better than i thought they would go. There were only a few mishaps, but nothing that dramatic. The only sad part of both shows was the turnout. We really had poor advertisment due to the lack of funding. As a result, our audience was a direct reflection of that. Our next venue was in charge of booking/advertisements so i know we will pull a decent audience.

This weekend we only have one show on Saturday. The show should run smoother having done it twice already. It's always the first show nerves that gets everyone doing silly little mistakes. I hope for the best and that those injured can heal fast and strong.


Friday, October 9, 2009


last years Dracula rehearsals....i'm the one in the bra upside down haha.

Today is the opening of Dracula! I woke up with a bit of a headache, but i'm just going to blame it on the rain. We have to be at the theater around 2pm for a dress with the studio students. Hopefully all goes well with the run, if not we still have to open at 7:30!
I love the theater we are performning at. I mentioned it way back when we did Sleeping Beauty there. It is a converted church so the stained glass windows are still in tack. The feel of the theater is perfect for this show. It's a little erie and dark with a nice size stage.
Well i have to keep this short because i'm in the middle of making my morning coffee and packing my dance bag. I'm feeling the holiday spirit! Pumpkin picking and scary hayrides are among my favorite. (also hot apple cider and sugary cider donut...yum)

What will YOU be for halloween?


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

half and half.

A picture of my Oona, because she gives me calm <3

Dracula opens this weekend and the company is just a mess! I'm not even joking when i say half of us are injured/in pain. I don't know what's going on, seriously. It could be we are overworked, stressed, the constant changing of floors (we bounce from the studio to boardwalk hall often). Who knows what it is, but it's making things very stressful. I was comfortable with my part and getting really into the character, but now i'm learning a new part in the ballet on top of mine for a girl out with a back injury. It's fine that i'm expected to pick up her part and mine, but the fact that it's two days till the show that has me a bit anxious! I know things will work out ok. It's just going to be very LONG days of rehearsal before the show to replace those too injured to perform in the first shows. What a horrible way to kick off our month tour of Dracula huh? I guess life has a way of keeping things on edge. Keeping those fingers crossed!

Hope at least all of you are well, and for my first post of the month............Happy October! Let's hope things look up~

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mid-week progress

a 'just for fun' picture taken on our roofdeck. I bought the costume at a good will for like $2 and was feeling in a spanish mood. So...OLE!! picture by booba of course ;)

Well, here we are. One week in counting before our opening Dracula show. Sadly, our first weekend of shows was cancelled due to a financial misunderstanding with the theater. To be honest though the company could use this extra week to clean and fine tune certain parts. So, it really is a blessing is disguise.

Other than that rehearsals have been fairly smooth. I have noticed, however, that the boys tend to take a bit longer to pick up the choreography. We always seem to spend much longer on their parts. I dont' know if this is a general problem with boys or if it just happens to be the boys we have right now. Just curious.

I'm really pumped to do the shows. There is just something about this ballet that pulls me into the character and i feel really comfortable with my role. Being a bride of dracula allows me to explore a darker realm of acting. We are given the freedom to put alot of ourselves into our characters. It's nice to be a naughty blood sucking vampire for once and replace the tiara with fangs for a bit.

My sit up/arm routines have been making my dancing alot steadier. (if that makes sense) I've been doing a lot of situp and arm stretches with my thera band to prep for the stamina that is required for the dances in this ballet. I feel that it is evening out muscles that i don't nessecarily work as often with just taking class. To sum it up, i feel good and strong.

It's a slow week and i'm feeling a little sick. (sinus pressure and sore throat) I'm hoping i can kick it! Hope you are all well and starting to feel the halloween spirit a little bit!! It's a fun time of year ;)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Those last days of summer...bring on Dracula!

This past week was a long one with a beautiful weekend ending.

We started Dracula rehearsals in full force this week covering the 1st and 2nd act. I think that's pretty good progress. It's a three act ballet, so having just one act to set isn't so stressful with two weeks till opening. We have fast learners in the company so it makes the learing process less tedious.
I love getting to be the bride of Dracula. There is three of us who get to flap round on stage and bite the crap out of Jonathan, one of the main characters in the ballet. I'm the arabic bride so i have to show my stomach in a two piece costume. I have started my sit up routine to get my abs show worthy. I also get to wear my hair down and kinda crazy. It's a nice change from a tight constricted bun. Don't get me wrong, i enjoy buns, but there is something about being able to dance with your hair down that just feels freeing.
Besides rehearsals this past week i also am back teaching at both studios now. I also picked up a three hour shift for a teacher who wouldn't be able to cover her tuesday classes. Teaching four nights of the five this week really wore me out though. Don't get me wrong, i love teaching, but after dancing all day i just felt very worn down physically. I will, however, enjoy getting the extra money! That part never hurts.
This weekend was a busy one as well, but in a really fun, relaxing way. I went to a wine festival with my booba sat. We shared a bottle of delicious White Cranberry wine and i made us a picnic of cheese,crackers, and grapes. On Sun. booba had a craft show outside at a Jersey farm selling his photography/illustrations. It was a LONG day outside, but he was at least able to sell some pieces. I also got spotted as a dancer. One ladys booth was selling cute tutus for little girls and the woman said that i looked familar. Apparently her little 8yr old daughter does our nutcracker with us as a little mouse. Small world huh? I also ordered a tutu from her. All black i'm so excited! She hand makes them so i know it will be good quality. I will post pictures as soon as i get it.
Well i just finished hanging out at my parents house and i will be off to drive back home to start another long week. Updates soon!
Hope all are well!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

updates updates!

Spacing/walk through with the students at our second venue in the Hamptons:

Here i am! I survived the trip to the Hamptons!

We drove up in two passenger vans packed full of anxious/sleepy dancers around 6am Wednesday morning and made the 4hr drive up to the Hamptons in NY. The ride went pretty quickly given how long it actually was and how it's very hard for dancers to sit still for that long! When we arrived we had made good time giving us about an hour to explore the little city where our venue was. Of course the first thing we all want is coffee and food. We found a really cute french style cafe and had some really yummy iced coffee. I was set and had myself a little energy boost.

The theater was old, but beautiful. We made our ways to the dressing (TINY)rooms and started to get our warmups on for a run through. (spacing) The actual stage was smaller than we had all imagined in our heads so a lot of rearanging of lines and traveling had to be reviewed. Showtime came and it ran fairly smoothly for the first show of the season. I had a few mess ups simply because my foot had been bothering me for sometime. Other than that, a.o.k show followed by a dozen roses being thrown on the stage by a local dance studio that had come out to see us. It was so sweet and we all got one.

Here came the interesting part.

We all hopped in the dressing room shower quickly as the scenery got loaded into the vans. (we had another venue to go the next day) Of course being dancers, we were starving after the show and were told that we would stop somewhere quick to eat. NO where was open this late. (11:00pm) In a desperate search for food my director got an offer from friends living up there to made us a quick dinner of pasta and whatever else they had in their house short notice. This was nice of them and all, but i was exhausted after being up early and then doing a show. So my 'dinner' was spent crashing on these strangers sofa with another tired dancer. Opps. Sometimes your body takes over and calls the shots! Now comes the fun. After leaving the house around 1am....oy....we drive away to our lovely sleeping quaters at, dun dun dun.........a girl scout camp in the middle of the woods. Save money much? It was literally cots with a gymnastic mat on them lined up like a prison. My life is filled with suprises. Especially ones i can look back and laugh upon. Anyway, we all slept, kinda of.

In the morning we headed out to our next location and had breakfast at a cafe with watery coffee (yuck). This venue was lovely and much newer than the other place. They had tons of dressing rooms and the staff there was very kind and welcoming of us. This show we had students filling in some parts of the fairies and the snake dance. We had a rehearsal with them so they could know where to go at what time. They were all very well behaved and i'm glad they got a chance to perform with us. I always look back to when i was a student. I would have been thrilled to have gotten to perform along side of a ballet company.

This show went a bit better than the first and we had a really responsive audience which helps with your performance. Once again we hung out till all the scenery and costumes were packed in the van and left the venue around 10:30 for the 4hr trec back to new jersey. After two stops, one for gas and one for food/bathroom, we got back to the studio around 2:30. We were all worn out and ready for bed. Not me of course! I still had an hour ride back to my parents house. I kept the radio up loud and my window down. It's always so strange driving so late. The road are so empty and nothing is open. The moon was really bright and full too casting a really erie light on the road and woods. I made it home safe and slept ............a LOT.

Now we have just one more show left this Sat. We actually just started Dracula rehearsals today already for our Oct. 3rd opening. It's a little strange rehearsing Midsummer and learning Dracula. Two TOTALLY different vibes happening with those ballets haha. So, im off to slumber in a bit. My left leg has been bothering me. I believe it's a hamstring pull or something, but it starts under my bum and goes all the way down my leg. It's really uncomfortable, aching pain. Blah. The show must go on though! :) Hope you are all well and sorry for the lack of updates. I feel like i haven't stopped moving for the past couple days. (ok, week) I'll do my best to be more consistant.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We are all in two white vans heading to the hammtons in ny for our opening show tonight! Long ride ahead. Updates to come.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Very long week...

This week is going by and taking it's good ol' time. Do you ever feel like you are repeating the same day over and over? The only thing that really changes is what i had to eat. I think i'm just having 'one of those weeks'. It's not even a bad week, just one that seems to drag out.

The shows are in exactly one week. We have been running it from start to finish everyday. After running it our director will go through and break everything down; clean what needs to be cleaned and clarify spacing issues. I feel that we are ready for the stage. Having fast learners has helped the ballet get up and running a lot smoother.

My body is getting back to its old self slowly but surely. I'm still working on stretching a lot to get my exention to where it use to be, but im doing it slowly. You never really want to rush something like that after being off for a while. It takes patients and repetition to ensure things are being done safely and with minimal pain.

annnnd, on a 'yipeeeeee' note: we get paid on Friday. I def. NEED this paycheck. It's been a little rough not teaching or getting paid to dance for a couple of months. My account balance has felt that one!

I will try to update a little more exciting news once i get some more time. We are still running our super LONG days. Once the school starts back in about a week we will work our regular hours again (ugh thank you) and i will be able to write a bit more and not be so tired.

sleepy time!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Just a min.

Sorry i haven't been filling in with my days events. I have been so busy with all day rehearsals that my brain just wants to shut down in the evening! We worked Sat. this weekend so i really only had one days off to relax my muscles and mind. I promise an update with a little more vigor is coming.

On a side note i want to see the full version of this movie :

Ps- what's with the heat wave? I'm melting!

tired and sore, but happy!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

pink buble bath

I will start this blog off with a warning that i am very tired and sore so i apologize for the lack of excitment or correct grammar. (and spelling)

We started full blast into rehearsals after class on tuesday. Our director is wasting no time getting things rolling. This is probably a good thing considering we only have about three weeks to get this ballet up and running.
Our schedule starts off at 10am for company class. 1
1:30 we get 1/2 hr lunch break.
12-3 rehearsal boardwalk hall
5 dinner break/drive to in studio rehearsal
4-7 (sometimes 8) continued rehearsal at the studio

We have to leave boardwalk hall at 3pm because we have the space for free (hence why we don't get airconditioning) we get kicked out around then. It's just been really long days of sweating, fighting sore muscles that don't want to move, and getting to know all the new people in the company. I think we have a very good group of new dancers. The boys are looking especially strong.

I'm pretty happy with the casting i received as well. Can't complain if i get to look forward to performing on the stage soon! Once this week is over (when the soreness has gone down a bit) i'm going to work on rebuilding my strength and flexiblity to where it was before i decided to take almost 2months off haha. I won't be doing that again. Although, i did enjoy being lazy and drinking beer by the pool. :)

Alright well i'm going to read a bit then hit the pillow. Up early again for another LOOOONNG day.

sore, but pleased,

ps- on a random side note. One of the Korean girls brought me back from home some wonderful bath salts and soaps from Japan when she went to visit her boyfriend there. I have been taking full advantage of them and have been taking baths the past two days. The one packet i used turned my bath water PINK. Like BRIGHT pink. It was crazy, but felt so relaxing. I'm pretty sure this was the stuff:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back in good ol' boardwalk hall! Its 90 today and we have no ac in this place. Im pretty sure im going to melt. Here we go

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'm sore just thinking about it...

1 day in counting left of my vacation.

The company starts back on tuesday and the rest of the company has been flying back from their breaks and getting all settled in again. I'm bracing myself for lots of advil for the first week. I managed to get myself a bit out of shape reguardless of the summer classes i taught. Last summer i didn't have a break because our season ran all the day way through until spring. This summer I wanted to take full advantage of actually having pool time. I have to say, it was lovely. I will regret however not taking as many classes as i probably should have, but i'll get my butt into gear and back to my old prancing ways in no time i'm sure. The body never forgets! (however, it will remind you that you aren't 16 anymore!) I'm sure more updates will be shared with the first week back and what's new with the company. I know we are getting a few more new apprentices and a new company member. It's refreshing to see new talent and to get forward to bonding with them for the season. Here's to a hopefully wonderful year ahead!

my best-

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


This show never gets old for me. I love watching the choreography and how the dancers embrace each style. It's such a wonderful thing that a dance show can be as successful as this one is. Keeping the dance world (the arts in general) alive is so important. In hard times like these it's crucial to surround ourselves with things that allow us to escape, even for a few min. Dancing embraces everything- the beauty, the pain, the struggles, and the joys of life. These emotions are then blended and fused with the music to create moving art. No light of creativity can shine brighter than being on that stage pouring your heart out to the universe.
I need to take a dance class soon before we start our season! My body is aching to move and create.


Monday, July 27, 2009

2 weeks in counting

The last student show went really well for all the students and the apprentices. I think the mini Michael Jackson tribute a few of us choreographed to went over really well. The audience responded with loud cheers and clapping along. As i had mentioned in previous posts, I choreographed to "earth song". The other songs choreographed to were "black and white", "gone to soon", and "for the children" (<- i think that's the title?) I think it was was a good way to end the summer session.

It's birthday season right now. Boobas bday is in a couple of days as well as my roommates, dad, oh yea, and ME. :) I think we are going to go to an amusement park the day of my birthday. I've been wanting to go to one for a while now. I have about 2wks (little less than) off before we officialy kick off our season so i want to take advantage of my mini summer. What other fun things can you do in the summer? I'm going down the shore tommorow (weather pending).

What is something you have enjoyed doing so far this summer?

Any really good summer dance programs you have been too for you dancers out there?

Just curious to hear some input. :)
Take care!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Earth Song...

love this artist.

Last week of camp!

It's the last week of teaching at the summer camp. It's been educational for me not just as a teacher, but as a dancer. You really get to learn from being on both sides. Every year i teach i learn a new way and technique to getting through to my students. It's important to understand how they work as a group and how to connect with them while at the same time maintaining your authority. (not OVER them, but as someone who wants to share knowledge they have yet to discover). Being an artist can be viewed at times as selfish and self-full-filling. Teaching has opened up a whole new (rewarding) world to me where i WANT to give my students everything. Teach them from mistakes i have made, but at the same time let them make thier own. One grows stronger as an artist when there is some struggling to get where you want to be. It's really the struggle more so than the goal that makes you an artist. That's when you truely live.

here's a video of the Michael Jackson dance *tribute* that i finishd choreographing for the girls on Monday. They did very well with the piece. I really like this song too, it's very powerful.

best wishes!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

summer time in the city

picture i took from sleeping beauty. i teach these little ladies arts and crafts this summer. they are so sweet.

Camp: 1 and 1/2 weeks in counting left!

It felt like this summers camp really flew by! Here i am a week and a half away from enjoying some short time off before going back into the season. I have to say i am a little nervous about how things are going to go this year. I recently had a conversation with someone who brought to my attention that things were looking a little grim as far as booking for next year. We will be doing Midsummer Nightsdream in September and possibly Dracula, but as far as the rest of the season things are up in the air. It makes me a little nervous to think that this season will end short and i will be stuck without a dancing job. I've already started to think about guesting at studios for their nutcrackrs as a backup plan. I was asked last year to do sugarplum by a friend at their studio, but i was too busy with our nutcracker at the time. Maybe this year will be my opportunity to take her up on the offer! It's good to have a plan b when it comes to the dance world anyway. Things are never 100% secure. All i can do right now is just seeing how things go with the company and enjoy performing while I can. I wish i could extend our careers longer, but our bodies decide otherwise!
Be safe.

Friday, July 10, 2009

guten tag!

OK. So i know i disapeared for a bit there, but now i'm back on track. We just got wireless for the apartment so i will be able to make more daily posts. I love it here. The apartment is nice and my victorian room gets more girly everyday. I even joked about renting the room out like a bed and breakfast on the weekends because it looks like one straight out of Cape May. (i'll post a picture of it when it's completed).

It's week 4 at camp and i've just been teaching here and there. I choreographed a contemporary piece for the girls that they get to perform in A.C on the boardwalk. They are all so sweet and did a really good job. I also love my little arts and crafts girls. We just made bumble bee headpieces for a dance they just learned in which they act out the life of bees.

I haven't taken a lot of classes. (tisk on me) But yesterday i took one and it was so bad. The company starts back on the 10th of August and it's going to be intense. We have about three weeks to get a ballet up to perform in September. My director talked to me yesterday and informed me that we will be working long days until the show. SO, that means i need to make the most of the summer now because come August it's going to be ballet ballet ballet ballet. But it's really not a bad thing. I do love it. It means everything to me and has made me who i am today. I'd gladly give up a summer to be able to dance.

Oona is sleeping in the window looking all sweet. She still wakes me up around 6am every morning ready to play. You can't get that mad at her though because she's so cute.

I'm off to the doctor today. I found a lump in my breast about a month ago. I'm a bit nervous because cancer does run in my family. Especially on my dads side. He had throat cancer about two years ago and skin cancer a year before. I'm hoping the lump is just nothing. And i'm sure it is. This is just always the scary part. Not knowing.

Best wishes to everyone! <3

Booba and i celebrated 5yrs in cape may. Here are some pictures:

here's my usual shot. i decided i'm going to do this where ever i visit.

our afternoon 'tea' (it was wine)

the ocean calms me

cheese. picture after our our bed and breakfast.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Camp has been busy and tiring, but very rewarding in the end. It's week two already and i've really grown to like the students. Some have come all the way from California! I love my little youth camp students. They are so full of curiousity and the eagerness to learn. In my choreography class with them we learn to experiment different ideas for movement by setting up different scenarios. They come up with such elaborate stories i just love sitting back and watching it unfold.

I choreographed a three min. contemporary piece for the older campers over the past two weeks. We had a short amount of time to get pieces together because they were to perform them on the outside stage in Atlantic City that coming Friday. Earlier in the first week we got some exciting news from out director about a movie company being interested in using the dancers for a film they were shooting. More exciting news came when i foudn out that students and staff were to be paid $100 for being part of the filming!!

That friday we should up late afternoon and saw all the film crews and equipment set up as they were already filming scenes around outside. We were to just hang out and wait for our cue to start running the pieces we had. They watched the show and picked the pieces they liked that would fit well with the movie. (apprently it's a movie about a boxer....not sure how ballet ties in with that haha) They made those poor girls do about six takes so they could get it from all different angles. It was hot and humid out and those poor girls looked like they were dying! I got to sit in the audience (first row) and was directed to clap loudly after each run. (hopefully that will get me in the movie because i was extra outgoing and excited)

Going to celebrate 5yrs tommorow with booba. <3 should be a lovely day and relaxing. I could use that for sure.
Ok, nothing else too exciting i promise better posts to come soon!

some pictures to end!

My sleeping Onna.

In the window, her favorite place

Friday, June 19, 2009

Take a moment to take it in.

picture: craig billow (
Phew. It's been a busy last month or so. So much that i haven't even had a second to get on here and share what's been happening. I will try to sum it up in a simple terms:

-found a new apartment with my best friend after living in awful conditions in our other place. Started moving in the past week. We have till the 30th to be out of our old place so this gives us time to move things in sections.

New place = far better neighborehood and living conditions. (it's only 7 blocks away from our old place)

-Started decorating my room in a 'victorian' theme. Lace and wicker. It's painted a light yellow and is coming along nicely!

-Finished my first set of recitals that went VERY well. Everything went smoothly. Thankfully my director is extermely organized and had everything so mapped out that it was almost mistake proof. ( i have video of my 4 pieces..might try to upload them)

-Had tech rehearsal for the other schools recitals last night that will be happening this saturday. Fun story about this one- one of my pointe girls (there are 3) just disapeared about 4 weeks ago. We tried calling her, left messages, NOTHING. We don't know why she just decided to not show up and we have her costume and everything. I decided to be fair to my girls that have worked so hard that i would fill in her spot so it didn't change anything in their dance. So, i'm dancing in the recital with my girls! Didn't see that one coming haha. I'm also dancing with the other teachers and our director in our "surprise" teacher dance. It's fun to get to be on stage with them. (and to laugh at ourselves)

-My company has started their summer camp officially this week. There is a apprentice intensive for a week along with the summer campers. I took one class this week so far and realized how out of shape i am! I know i'll get back into it, but i want to take it slowly so i don't hurt myself. To be honest, i feel in shape just from moving stuff to a new place. What a workout that really is!

-I was panicing this summer about how i was going to make it financially. I talked to my director and she gave me some classes at our summer camp. SO i am teaching :
*nutrition class
*a choreography workshop
*arts and crafts (with the little ones)
*game (little ones)
and i might be picking up extra classes when someone can't teach. It makes me feel a little bit better that some income will be coming in till things start back in september.

-offically adopted my Oona kitty baby on monday. I was fostering her to make sure she got along with my roommtes cat before i made her mine. So happy to have her with me. She's so beautiful and sweet. I love the comfort animals offer you in time so of stress.

So things are slowly rolling from a dead stop to a slow go. Good to be busy again, but stressful all in the same breath. I will try to update more frequently , but we need to get internet in the new place first.

Hope you are well!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

There are short-cuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them..

Ok, so nothing huge to report as far as dance goes. We are still on break for a little bit longer. To be honest, it's been really hard. The first two weeks were pretty ok. I got to catch up on sleep and rest my body. But, now i'm feeling the effects of not taking class. It's a bit of 'dancer depression' as they call it. You go from dancing everday to not and your body just feels the changes. I feel like i lost that emotional release that dance gave me. Now things are bottling up and i don't know how else to get them out so it leaves me feeling anxious. I know it's because i'm not dancing and as soon as the season starts up again things will level out. For now it's just battling the inner demons that want me to feel sad. Booba helps me through it as well as this little white angel, Oona:

First set of recitals are this weekend! It's going to be a long one. I'm proud of my girls and hope everything goes smoothly with my pieces.<3

Sunday, May 31, 2009


I have a new kitty, her name is Oona. She's so sweet and beautiful. True story. :)


Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

I got lots of vitamin D today which was much needed. Actually, i got a lot of vitamin D the whole weekend. Apartment hunting Saturday, dog walks Sunday, and today was spent exploring the pine barrens of New Jersey. Of course, per usual, i took my nature dance pose. Something about being outside in the peaceful surroundings makes me feel free and want to dance around. I can't put my finger on it exactly. I think it's just the open space that makes me feel uninhibited in a hippie-free-spirit kind of way. I love this warm weather and some time off to rest my body and get in tune with nature.

I'm going to try and take a few classes this week. I'm already going on about two weeks of no class (minus teaching) and i can feel things getting a little stiff. Recitals in two weeks and the other studios in about three. Everything is running pretty smoothly as for now. Best wishes to everyone!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

wisk. tisk.

Why do the Wisk commericals have to use Nutcracker music in them? It makes my heart race everytime i hear them. It is WAY too early to hear that music. That's all.

I have the P.A ballet subscribers party today. Well, i'm not a subscriber, but i was invited by our board president. I will be meeting up with him and another memeber of our board later this evening after i teach to go and mingle with the directors and such. It should be interesting. I'll update how that goes.

For now, apartment hunting. I just love how slumlords can end your lease just because. No reason. No apology. Ugh. My life is a bit of a rollercoaster right now. I hope things level out soon. I think i need a vacation haha!

Monday, May 18, 2009


the WRONG ways to start off an audition:

1. Run into your current director in the hallway of the place of auditioning.
2. Get stuck on the elevator for a six flight ride up with the director of the company you are auditioning for. Just you, and them.
3. Sardine can style dancing at the bar.
4. Bring the wrong pointe shoes and dance on the dead ones.
5. Get stuck sitting with a very vocal homeless man on the subway.
6. Did i mention running into YOUR CURRENT DIRECTOR as you audition for ANOTHER COMPANY?!

My luck seems right on target these days haha. But, needless to say minus the above points it wasn't so bad. The studio was a bit tiny, but SO beautiful with windows all around overlooking the city. (along with the festival happening below with food venders.) It did run me $20 , but i was thankful there were no cuts. Just a full class and an announcement at the end that they would be in touch with everyone once they finished their audition tour. I doubt i got it. I'm not just being a nay-sayer. The girls there were amazing! I have a feeling a lot of them were coming from other big companies that had lay offs. Actually, i knew one girl was layed off from the P.A ballet and she was just beautiful. She had perfect feet and turnout. If they layed off a great dancer like that we are all in trouble!!

I am glad i went though. I managed to navigate nyc all by myself. I was pretty proud of that because that city is a bit scary for me. It's been a tough audition season for everyone and that is my leading reasons for avoiding the nyc cattle calls. We will see in the end of June!

On a side note, the wedding dance on saturday went good. It certainly was different! I've never been to a Baptist church before. Everyone was so warm and inviting to me. I have to say i was quite nervous to perform in front of them. As i got ready to start i locked eyes with the bride and groom and imagined they were the only ones there and that this was all just for them. I think that really helped me to shake my nerves off a bit. They looked so happy and it felt wonderful to give them this dance. Also, i made the bride cry. She told me she just couldn't hold it together and that everything was perfect. I'm so happy i was able to do this for them. Finding that emotional connection is so powerful and one of the leading reasons why i am a dancer. To reach out and find those connections. Even if it just reaches one person it makes all the hardships worth it.
hope you are all well,

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Im on the bus to nyc for a cattle call audition! Why do i do this to myself ha updates later for now fingers crossed!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

the day of the moms

Today was just lovely. All in celebration, of course, of moms everywhere. I love mine very much and she deserved to be pampered a bit today. It was just a relaxed day of face masks,coffee, and red lobster. Now i'm enjoying a glass of red wine and hanging with booba in my room. I love little moments of happiness. They make the big poopy ones seem insignificant.

Our wine tasting show on Friday went very well. After one last rehearsal in the studio i felt like my partner and i had it pulled together. I give him credit. He learned everything in a week and took time on his own to watch the video. The other girl i'm performing with even saw him watching the video one more time 10min. before we were about to leave as he was doing his hair. I love dedicated people.

We got to the wine tasting about an hour and a half into it. Our arrival was announced over the microphone and we mingled a bit around the crowd saying hi to our supporters. It was a decent turnout too. We had about a half hour before we were to go on and i felt my heart in my throat the whole time. Nerves get the best of me sometimes! It was ironic because everyone else was so relaxed and drinking wine. I played it off that i had my confidence together.

My director told us to go get ready. We were directed to a changing room (aka the bathroom) were we quickly got into our leotard and tights. Shoes on, one last check of make up, some rosin on the bottom of our poite shoes, and we were off. Everything happened really quickly. The crowd gathered around us close as we danced on the two panel marley. My partner whispered in my ear to relax as we went for our first piroutte. I think that really helped me. I didn't realize how tense i was until he brought mention of it. From then on i was at ease that he felt confident so i let go too. We got great reactions from the crowd and warm smiles. After the show we changed back into our dresses and got to talk more with the people there. I got to be social with some interesting (and yes, some drunk) people. I was very pleased. That's the only word i can think of! I just wish i had some pictures from it.

Well, i'm going to go relax now. I have some time off and only a few more events ahead. HAPPY MOM DAY! I'll leave you with some pictures from the weekend. I love warm spring days. Everything is just so alive.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

what else?

I haven't gotten to update in a while mostly because thing have been a bit hectic around here the past week. It's amazing how things can just travel on a straight line for so long then without notice go off the richter scale. Without getting into it, lets just say there have been a few bumps (ok, more like hills) in the road. But, i'm managing and waiting for that good karmic relief.

As i have mentioned, our wine tasting fundraiser takes place this Friday along with our mini performance/presentation. My original partner for that decided to drop the bomb this past Friday and tell us that he would not be able to take off work for the show. What?!?! Isn't this something you should've thought of BEFORE you commited to the piece to begin with? ANYWAY, we had emergency rehearsals all this week to teach another boy the dance. I give him a lot of credit. It is not an easy piece, but it's slowly coming together. We have two more days to perfect it so we will see how it goes. Our show isn't until the very end of the evening so maybe a glass of wine will help ease some pre-performance nerves.

On a positive note, i was invited by our board director to attend a meet and greet of a well known ballet company here in the city. It will be a good way to meet some important people and make some connections. I like that he has my best interest in mind.

Recital time is just around the corner for the studios i teach at. Things are progressing there. I hope to finish a piece tonight and the others by next week. My girls have been more respectful recently after i mentioned to them the importance of working with me in the creative process. I hope they continue to show me that respect and i know it will be rewardind for both of us.

I breath a sigh of relief looking on things to come. Once the wine tasting and recitals are over (about mid-june) i will have LOTS of time off. I thought i would have time off now, but i commited myself (as usual) to a million things. I look forward to warm days floating in the pool drinking margaritas and trips with booba to Cape May. Now only if it would stop raining!!! (we are on day 9 of rain everyday...what is this, Seattle?)

I hope you are all well!!!! <3