Friday, December 25, 2009

Tis the season!!!!! and the end of a season....

Happy Holidays everyone!!!

So, good news...nutcracker finished successfully, bad news, had to travel in 2feet of snow to get to the last show that was 2hrs away. The show went well considering we were missing half our company due to a huge snow storm (record breaking) the day before. I was planning on not going because my car was snowed in and the streets were awful but, since we were already missing so many dancers i took the risk. It all worked out. I did, however, get thrown into party scene as a mom along with my friend. We did a good job making up the moves since we found out 5min before we would be doing it. It was covered well as us pretending we were the "drunk" guests. All in all it was a full house and our last show of the season.

The last two weeks of shows was spend rehearsing for our spring shows. She is doing rep. that she choreographed a while ago and hasn't set on the company since it first started. I'm pretty excited to be learning something new this year. My favorite piece so far is the beatles ballet that she taught us. It's four couples and involves a lot of cool partnering. The other ballets are pretty as well. We all got videos of them to study over the break so we don't forget what we learned. We will see who actually watches them haha.

Two months off now! I'm sure i'll be able to update more. Even though it will probably involve me complaining about how out of shape i am getting. I am going to try and take a few classes here and there in the city, but i also have to watch my money. Classes can get to be so expensive!

Sorry i didn't update much during the Nutcracker season like i said i would. Between rehearsals and teaching time just slipped away from me.

I hope that you all have a happy and safe holiday!


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