Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I love this artist. I have a few of his pieces framed : David Delamare
check him out! I swear he makes art from what's in my head. I wish i could pose for a piece.

We got to rehearse today with a performing arts highschool that will be doing some parts in Sleeping Beauty. There were a TON of them and we barely all fit in our little studio. It was pretty productive for the company because we were forced to treat the rehearsal as if it were a show. I think the students were happy to get to be there and sit in on our rehearsal. I'm sure it was a good exprience for them and their future careers to see how a company runs first hand. I like that they are doing the shows with us. We are a smaller company and to have them share the stagesame makes everything feel larger. There is just something about watching big groups of people move together at the same time that still is impressive to me. Power in numbers!

I still need to get a game plan together for my time off in two weeks when shows wrap up. I need to find a new studio to pick up some more teaching hours on top of my current teaching. I think i'm going to be taking a cut in hours and i'm getting nervous about this stuff -> $
I'm also going to research some more company stuff. Even though it seems pretty pointless because a. audition season is winding down if not finished b. NO places are really hiring anyway because of economy hurting the dance field. I picked a challenging career. It's short and discouraging at times, but fullfilling. That's what is important anyway.
Oh, and i have no regrets, at ALL.

Two days till the show!!


Saturday, March 27, 2010

I was really quick to get ready for the show! Now just doing final makeup touches and putting the pointe shoes on. Merde to us!

Part 2.

Degas <3

Show day part 2 today!

I am feeling MUCH more confident about these shows today. The extra week of rehearsal and having done it already on stage makes me feel more prepared. I'm sure my fellow company members feel the same.

One of my favorite movements of the four rep. pieces has to be when i am on stage performing a variation with four other girls. I have danced the longest with these girls and we sync well together. When you have been dancing and performing with the same people you being to share similar styles and expressions. I can almost feel what move they will do next and hear the thoughts that are in their heads. We can predict each others moves and dance with fluidity. It's nice and i hadn't really noticed it till given this chance to dance together with them.

Well, i have a long day ahead. (mostly in travel) I hope everyone has a lovely weekend planned!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

under the weather..

Well, i'm feeling a little sick today so i'm taking the day off from company. It started Monday night while i was teaching. It was hard to breath because my chest felt heavy and my body ached. I'm sure it's nothing, but i want to take today to rest to make sure i'm ok for the rest of the week.

Sleeping Beauty rehearsals started Monday and i'm sure we will start running the rep. show tommorow for our show on Saturday. I enjoy being this busy right now but fear the end of it come mid-April. I have to, once again, find things to do with myself to stay in shape (without breaking bank).

Nothing major to update besides trying to knock whatever this is making me feel poo. I wanted to share with you some of the pictures booba took of me this past Sunday i had posted about earlier. I really like the way they turned out. :)

Oh and here's a plug for him :) -


Sunday, March 21, 2010


picture from last nights show. I'm glad he helped me to "get the leg up" haha.

Sorry. I didn't get to update via the show. The second we got there we were rushed onto the stage for a photoshoot for promotional work and then we had spacing/tech rehearsals following right after. We JUST finsied tech. in time to finish putting makeup on and get ready for the opening of the show. Crazy.

The show went......ok. We all were feeling a bit under rehearsed. What should have been a clean show felt more like a tech. rehearsal. But, it wasn't awful and the audience seemed to enjoy it. Some guy in the front row was clapping along to the pieces. It made me feel inspired and smille extra big. Having a good audience really helps the performance feel more like a performance. You know people are enjoying it so you give that much more to them.

I'm looking forward to our show next weekend. I feel that we will be more together and can just enjoy performing it instead of worrying what the next steps are.

Today i spent outside with booba. It was so nice. I feel like a new refreshed person. Oh, not to mention we had a photoshoot.(had a picnic and drank meade) I will be posting them once he edits them. I wanted to do a shoot with him and I in it instead of just me. I like sharing the screen with him. :) <3

Hope everyone is well and most importantly HAPPY :)


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Vernal Equinox

Happy Spring.

What great weather for the first day of Spring! Oh, and i'll be stuck inside all day teching for the show at 7:30 tonight. Well, at least Sunday is suppose to be just as warm and we have off. (yay!)

I'm a little nervous for the show tonight. I think my parents are coming along with booba. Another week of rehearsals would make me feel better, but nothing we can do about that now! I'm going to try and do the pieces as full out today in tech. to make sure i know what i'm doing!

I'll try and report via my phone at the theater.

Go do something outside today!

booba and i had a photoshoot last weekend. I think this should be my new headshot. We were going for a flash back to the 1930s "Noir" look.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

green day.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! AND Happy Birthday Rudolph Nureyev

Im sure i have Irish in my heritage somewhere? Well mostly German, but still. I will be sporting a green leotard today in honor of and i'm debating stopping and picking up the company something green to eat. Maybe donuts or cookies will do.
Yes, i am the cheesey one in the company who will bring valentines day cards to hand out atill.

Rehearsals have been progressing. I can't believe we open on Saturday. It feels so soon and i know an extra week of just running the program would help. Unfortunately, our Friday show cancelled. I haven't heard details on why just yet from our director, but i'm going to assume it's from poor ticket sales. Hopefully Saturaday we will have an audience!! Nothing is more discouraging than stepping out onto that stage to hear crickets instead of clapping. (wa-waaaaaaaaaaa) Keep our fingers crossed!

On a side note, it is getting warm and lovely out. My body just absorbs the fresh air and sun. It makes me so happy and refreshed. Amazing how Mr. Sun can change my mood almost instantly. Guess that's the Leo in me.

Ok, time to get ready for class/rehearsals and finish up my coffee. (i love you coffee <3)

Go ahead, wear something green and eat an irish potatoe today. It will make you smille!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Long week.

I need to challenge myself and take more classes...not ballet. And from this guy -> because he intimidates me and i want to get over my fear.

It's been a crazy long week filled with ups and downs.
We have been cleaning and running the four rep. pieces we will be performing next week. I can't believe we are going to be on stage this time next week. I know we will pull it together but, we are also starting sleeping beauty rehearsals. I'm feeling very overwhelmed running two ballet pieces, choreographing six pieces for my various studios, and trying to maintain my stress level at a "don't lose your 'ish' state of mind. I think i have become very good at internalizing my stress and holding it in instead of just letting it out at appropriate times - aka: yell, cry, yell some more. Instead it creeps up on me in small rushes where my moods will change dramtically and i need time to just be alone and zone out for a bit till the calm returns. I feel that i share this stress management with others, particularly fellow dancers after a recent conversation with a company member who coped in a similar manner. Makes me feel not completely crazy to know i'm not alone.

On a non 'Debby downer' note : I am feeling strong overall. These ballets are offering me a challenge that i enjoy. I want to try and step out of my safe ballet box soon and take some more contemporary/jazz classes. My body and mind deserves a change.

Happy weekend!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


I am VERY excited. Today i'm going on a day date with booba to see the ballet Carmina Burana and the Four Temperments. Two great ballets one(carmina) of which i got to perform in college with live orchestra and chorus. Carmina is such a powerful ballet and i just love the story of fate.

The company has been back now for three weeks and we just finished re-setting the four rep. pieces we will be performing later in march. Week four will consist of cleaning up and running the ballets. I have a feeling it's going to be a very lonnnnnnnnnng week ahead. I got my new shoes sewn so i'm ready! I also just ordered a pair of Grishko Mayas. I've never worn them before , but i want to give them a try! It will be my first pair of nice shoes since i usually opt for the budget friendly Sansha recitals which i actually really like on my feet.

Alright well i'll update more later. Now it's time to get ready for the ballet. Going to see another company perform is like getting ready for a rock concert. I get all excited and gitty. I love that feeling of anticipation and i just love moving art. There's nothing else that compares.

Happy weekend!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Thought of the day, at random : I feel normal again after being back to dance for only two weeks. The puzzle is put back together!