Saturday, March 27, 2010

Part 2.

Degas <3

Show day part 2 today!

I am feeling MUCH more confident about these shows today. The extra week of rehearsal and having done it already on stage makes me feel more prepared. I'm sure my fellow company members feel the same.

One of my favorite movements of the four rep. pieces has to be when i am on stage performing a variation with four other girls. I have danced the longest with these girls and we sync well together. When you have been dancing and performing with the same people you being to share similar styles and expressions. I can almost feel what move they will do next and hear the thoughts that are in their heads. We can predict each others moves and dance with fluidity. It's nice and i hadn't really noticed it till given this chance to dance together with them.

Well, i have a long day ahead. (mostly in travel) I hope everyone has a lovely weekend planned!


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