Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I love this artist. I have a few of his pieces framed : David Delamare
check him out! I swear he makes art from what's in my head. I wish i could pose for a piece.

We got to rehearse today with a performing arts highschool that will be doing some parts in Sleeping Beauty. There were a TON of them and we barely all fit in our little studio. It was pretty productive for the company because we were forced to treat the rehearsal as if it were a show. I think the students were happy to get to be there and sit in on our rehearsal. I'm sure it was a good exprience for them and their future careers to see how a company runs first hand. I like that they are doing the shows with us. We are a smaller company and to have them share the stagesame makes everything feel larger. There is just something about watching big groups of people move together at the same time that still is impressive to me. Power in numbers!

I still need to get a game plan together for my time off in two weeks when shows wrap up. I need to find a new studio to pick up some more teaching hours on top of my current teaching. I think i'm going to be taking a cut in hours and i'm getting nervous about this stuff -> $
I'm also going to research some more company stuff. Even though it seems pretty pointless because a. audition season is winding down if not finished b. NO places are really hiring anyway because of economy hurting the dance field. I picked a challenging career. It's short and discouraging at times, but fullfilling. That's what is important anyway.
Oh, and i have no regrets, at ALL.

Two days till the show!!




LOVE the painting; I can see why you love them !

Happy Easter

~Jenn~ said...

Merde for the shows. My Mom should be there one of the days. She's making a few costumes for the high school. Hope all will be well.