Wednesday, March 17, 2010

green day.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! AND Happy Birthday Rudolph Nureyev

Im sure i have Irish in my heritage somewhere? Well mostly German, but still. I will be sporting a green leotard today in honor of and i'm debating stopping and picking up the company something green to eat. Maybe donuts or cookies will do.
Yes, i am the cheesey one in the company who will bring valentines day cards to hand out atill.

Rehearsals have been progressing. I can't believe we open on Saturday. It feels so soon and i know an extra week of just running the program would help. Unfortunately, our Friday show cancelled. I haven't heard details on why just yet from our director, but i'm going to assume it's from poor ticket sales. Hopefully Saturaday we will have an audience!! Nothing is more discouraging than stepping out onto that stage to hear crickets instead of clapping. (wa-waaaaaaaaaaa) Keep our fingers crossed!

On a side note, it is getting warm and lovely out. My body just absorbs the fresh air and sun. It makes me so happy and refreshed. Amazing how Mr. Sun can change my mood almost instantly. Guess that's the Leo in me.

Ok, time to get ready for class/rehearsals and finish up my coffee. (i love you coffee <3)

Go ahead, wear something green and eat an irish potatoe today. It will make you smille!

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