Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!!!

Happy Halloween to everyone!!!! :) I had to bring this picture of my Oona angel back. She just looks so cute in her dollar store halloween costume. :)

I'm going dressed as a german beer girl, i'm sure pictures will follow. Everyone have a great day today and get lots of candy!!
One more Dracula show tommorow. I will miss it when it's over.
Be safe.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

1 more!

Here are pictures from our photoshoot, and one of our pumpkins we carved :)

Well, sadly our show up north was cancelled today. (it was suppose to be tommorow evening) Lack of ticket sales and promotion are to blame. Now we only have one more show on Sunday which is a wine tasting/showing. We will be performing the full version of Dracula just without props/lighting. (since it's in a studio) I'd rather finish a show off on an actual stage, but i guess times are tough everywhere and we have to do what we have to save money!

The cape may shows this past weekend went pretty good. There were some lighting issues since we were working with a new stage crew, but overall things went smoothly. My booba and i were able to get a really good deal on a bed and breakfast in the area since we had two shows. It was easier to stay down the than commute and the woman gave us a "starving artist" discount after we explained to her that i was in the ballet and just needed a place to sleep. AND we lucked out that she actually knew one the of the students performing with us. (ironic) It was a lovely place and i had a good time hanging out in the beautiful victorian town.

After the shows we stayed at my parents house and had a fun photoshoot in the woods. I had a tutu made for me by a woman i met at a craft fair my booba was selling photography at. We figured to make the best of the beautiful leaves of fall before they are all gone and it's too cold to be outside in a leotard.

Well i'm off, long day of Nutcracker rehearsals (yes already) and teaching. Halloween is soon!!!
What's everyone dressing as???
Be well, ~Sara~

Thursday, October 22, 2009

to the pointe...

Just a brief update since i'm on my way to teach in a few min.

The demonstration went very well yesterday. The stage, however, is HUGE and we all were pretty winded. On top of already cardio dancing we had to travel twice as much to go on and off the stage. But, reguardless of that everything went smoothly and we got a great reaction from the students. We are hoping that by giving them this sneak peak to the ballet that they will come out this weekend to check out the full show. They will be offered a discount when they show as well since it is their highschool we are performing at.

On an awesome note. Today i received my free two pair of pointe shoes! This is very exciting to me because it saves me money. Someone had donated money to our pointe shoe fund and each company memeber was able to get a pair of shoes. We are hoping to be able to supply them for the apprenctices as well in the future. I believe this is a step towards a really positive thing.

Dracula tommorow and saturday! Merde to us all!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

In cape may early this morning for a h.s demonstration+q&a. We are doing parts of dracula for them. Updates to come!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Rain rain rain....

Today is pretty cold and rainy out. It's like a little sneak peek to December and all it's frozen deadness. Well, it's not THAT cold yet, but i can feel it in the air already. That and the fact that lots of stores are busting out the Christmas stuff nice and early. I'm feeling comfortable in my bed. I've got my hoodie on and a cup of coffee. It's the little simple things that make me feel happy.

Our first set of shows went pretty well. Actually better than i thought they would go. There were only a few mishaps, but nothing that dramatic. The only sad part of both shows was the turnout. We really had poor advertisment due to the lack of funding. As a result, our audience was a direct reflection of that. Our next venue was in charge of booking/advertisements so i know we will pull a decent audience.

This weekend we only have one show on Saturday. The show should run smoother having done it twice already. It's always the first show nerves that gets everyone doing silly little mistakes. I hope for the best and that those injured can heal fast and strong.


Friday, October 9, 2009


last years Dracula rehearsals....i'm the one in the bra upside down haha.

Today is the opening of Dracula! I woke up with a bit of a headache, but i'm just going to blame it on the rain. We have to be at the theater around 2pm for a dress with the studio students. Hopefully all goes well with the run, if not we still have to open at 7:30!
I love the theater we are performning at. I mentioned it way back when we did Sleeping Beauty there. It is a converted church so the stained glass windows are still in tack. The feel of the theater is perfect for this show. It's a little erie and dark with a nice size stage.
Well i have to keep this short because i'm in the middle of making my morning coffee and packing my dance bag. I'm feeling the holiday spirit! Pumpkin picking and scary hayrides are among my favorite. (also hot apple cider and sugary cider donut...yum)

What will YOU be for halloween?


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

half and half.

A picture of my Oona, because she gives me calm <3

Dracula opens this weekend and the company is just a mess! I'm not even joking when i say half of us are injured/in pain. I don't know what's going on, seriously. It could be we are overworked, stressed, the constant changing of floors (we bounce from the studio to boardwalk hall often). Who knows what it is, but it's making things very stressful. I was comfortable with my part and getting really into the character, but now i'm learning a new part in the ballet on top of mine for a girl out with a back injury. It's fine that i'm expected to pick up her part and mine, but the fact that it's two days till the show that has me a bit anxious! I know things will work out ok. It's just going to be very LONG days of rehearsal before the show to replace those too injured to perform in the first shows. What a horrible way to kick off our month tour of Dracula huh? I guess life has a way of keeping things on edge. Keeping those fingers crossed!

Hope at least all of you are well, and for my first post of the month............Happy October! Let's hope things look up~