Friday, October 16, 2009

Rain rain rain....

Today is pretty cold and rainy out. It's like a little sneak peek to December and all it's frozen deadness. Well, it's not THAT cold yet, but i can feel it in the air already. That and the fact that lots of stores are busting out the Christmas stuff nice and early. I'm feeling comfortable in my bed. I've got my hoodie on and a cup of coffee. It's the little simple things that make me feel happy.

Our first set of shows went pretty well. Actually better than i thought they would go. There were only a few mishaps, but nothing that dramatic. The only sad part of both shows was the turnout. We really had poor advertisment due to the lack of funding. As a result, our audience was a direct reflection of that. Our next venue was in charge of booking/advertisements so i know we will pull a decent audience.

This weekend we only have one show on Saturday. The show should run smoother having done it twice already. It's always the first show nerves that gets everyone doing silly little mistakes. I hope for the best and that those injured can heal fast and strong.


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