Friday, October 9, 2009


last years Dracula rehearsals....i'm the one in the bra upside down haha.

Today is the opening of Dracula! I woke up with a bit of a headache, but i'm just going to blame it on the rain. We have to be at the theater around 2pm for a dress with the studio students. Hopefully all goes well with the run, if not we still have to open at 7:30!
I love the theater we are performning at. I mentioned it way back when we did Sleeping Beauty there. It is a converted church so the stained glass windows are still in tack. The feel of the theater is perfect for this show. It's a little erie and dark with a nice size stage.
Well i have to keep this short because i'm in the middle of making my morning coffee and packing my dance bag. I'm feeling the holiday spirit! Pumpkin picking and scary hayrides are among my favorite. (also hot apple cider and sugary cider donut...yum)

What will YOU be for halloween?


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