Monday, June 11, 2012

30th Anniversary

Well here we are again on another lay off and end of a season. These are really not so fun for me. On and off messes with my OCD for consistancy. But, i guess there's really no choice at this point but do my best to stay in shape in the down times. We had our 30th Anniversary show this past Saturday and our booking convention showing this past Thursday. It's been 'a week' that's for sure! We've been really busy in such a short amount of time. Doesn't it always seem to go like that? Alway slow periods of nothing followed by everything happening at once. It's really an anxiety tester! I'm pretty good at dealing with pressure. Probably too good because i will harbor my emotions and use my acting skills to put a front up. It's how i've always managed stressfull situtaions. I got a call on the way home from our booking convention Thursday about a family emergency. My head was spinning. I had to be with my family during our tech/dress rehearsal for the 30th anni show and the day of show was very difficult for me. I felt out of my head and out of my body. Focusing on performing was so hard and i know i wasn't able to perform to the best of my ability. I had a lot of little mess ups, but i told myself to just get through the show. That had to be the hardest performance i had to do. My heart and head wanted to be home with my family, but my job brought me to the stage. I survived and as everything in life we push through the hard times and come out stronger. I'm glad we finished the season now so i am able to spend time home. My only concern now is my family and the studio recital this weekend. Also to my booba, a big thank you for being there for me this weekend and rushing me home late at night. I don't know what i would've done if you weren't there for me. <3<3<3 My best to you all!! ~Sara~