Saturday, October 29, 2011


We had a good show last night.

Dracula got it's second stage time of the year and this was an important one. We were getting reviewed and video taped so had to be on our game. I love performing at the venue we did because i'm comfortable there. It's our third year of Dracula and she's been doing Nutcracker there since she basicly the start of the company.

I'm going to miss performing this production. I can't believe our last show is tommorow!! I will miss putting white face paint on and dark circles under my eyes. Oh, and putting my gold glittery bra on. I will NOT miss having to do extra ab work.

I'm going out for Halloween tonight and i can't wait! Booba is going as a Plague Doctor and i will be a person infected with it. Pictures will follow for sure. ;)

Happy Halloween!!! what are YOU being?


Monday, October 17, 2011

Back to life!

I am happy to report that my computer is back from repair! I was working on an old laptop that i was borrowing. It worked reallllly slow and froze so frequently it was impossible to do anything on it. I am glad to be back in working order!

Our first Dracula show went really well last Friday! We had a new group of production managers come in to run that show and they did a really great job learning cues and props on short notice. All the elements were there to make the show believable and exciting.

Last night we had showing in the studio for our board members and doctors. Some old and some new people joining us this year. This was such a great showing for us. The audience was so responsive and excited to be there. It's nice performing in an intimate setting like a studio because without lights and special effects you get to see their faces and reactions.

We have a really amazing group of people on our team helping us to make this company grow. AND we have a foot doctor joining us this year! I hope he's ready to work because i know we will all be needing his help!

I'm excited to continue this season on a positive note. I feel empowered and motivated after seeing our 'fans' behind the scenes supporting us with such exci


Keep calm and happy

Friday, October 7, 2011

Here we go

Openng show day of Dracula!

I got my fangs out, white face make-up, and lots of black eyeliner. Today we open our first show of Dracula and i can't wait to transform into a vampire! The make-up and hair for this production is so much fun because our director really leaves it up to us to be creative (and evil of course). I love playing around with different looks and i think i finally have this one nailed down. I'll post a picture later of the end results.

For now, I am relaxing as much as i can and enjoying some coffee in bed. (it really doesn't get better than that). I hope we get a great audience and that everything goes smoothly! I'm feeling the Halloween bug for sure. Don't you just love this time of year? The summer is by far my favorite, but fall is really beginning to grow on me. ;)

Be well!