Sunday, August 26, 2012

Good Morning! And the season begins....

Good Morning! I'm enjoying my coffee and thinking about the opening show we had yesterday for the companies 30th season. It was a free outside performance that included pieces of our rep and the full length 7 Sins that Kris and I choreographed. The response from the audience was great!! When a show is free and open to the public you get a really mixed crowd. I was so pleased to see how many people actually stopped and stayed for the whole show. This was a wonderful kick off to the season. For me personally i didn't feel it was my best performance. In the morning i was having some lower back spasms that were on and off. I knew it was going to be a challenge to get through the show with pain. But, like any dancer knows as soon as you get on the stage the pain disapears. My nerves were still there however! I can't kick being nervous before a show. I try to manage it by distracting myself with cleaning and relaxing, but it's always there in the pit of my stomach. It's funny how that feeling never really goes away. I have a lot of pressure on me to be my best. The company has grown and there are a lot of really amazing dancer that i know are better than me. As a company memember i have to be on my game and try to maintain my position. I feel like everyone wants the spot where i am and i know they are capable of it. I need to really push myself this year to show why i am here. I'm ready, lets do this! Tis' the new season !! ;) Have a good one! ~Sara~

Monday, June 11, 2012

30th Anniversary

Well here we are again on another lay off and end of a season. These are really not so fun for me. On and off messes with my OCD for consistancy. But, i guess there's really no choice at this point but do my best to stay in shape in the down times. We had our 30th Anniversary show this past Saturday and our booking convention showing this past Thursday. It's been 'a week' that's for sure! We've been really busy in such a short amount of time. Doesn't it always seem to go like that? Alway slow periods of nothing followed by everything happening at once. It's really an anxiety tester! I'm pretty good at dealing with pressure. Probably too good because i will harbor my emotions and use my acting skills to put a front up. It's how i've always managed stressfull situtaions. I got a call on the way home from our booking convention Thursday about a family emergency. My head was spinning. I had to be with my family during our tech/dress rehearsal for the 30th anni show and the day of show was very difficult for me. I felt out of my head and out of my body. Focusing on performing was so hard and i know i wasn't able to perform to the best of my ability. I had a lot of little mess ups, but i told myself to just get through the show. That had to be the hardest performance i had to do. My heart and head wanted to be home with my family, but my job brought me to the stage. I survived and as everything in life we push through the hard times and come out stronger. I'm glad we finished the season now so i am able to spend time home. My only concern now is my family and the studio recital this weekend. Also to my booba, a big thank you for being there for me this weekend and rushing me home late at night. I don't know what i would've done if you weren't there for me. <3<3<3 My best to you all!! ~Sara~

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Faking the Swing

I'm sitting here getting anxious about doing nothing. Don't get me wrong, i'm enjoying some lazy time for myself, but i'm at the point where i'm ready for a consistant schedule again. I have been trying to take at least two or three ballet classes a week, but this week it will only be two. I'm kind of bummed about it because i don't want to get too far out of shape. It's so hard to get to your peak and it goes away faster than it does to reach it. I'm going to stretch and do some conditioning today before heading out to teach. Teaching does help to keep me moving, but still isnt the same as taking a class. Anyway, i will survive. This is just my little rant. On a random note: I was asked to choreograph a swing and salsa dance for a fundraiser in May. I agreed to it knowing nothing about either. I found myself watching a lot of youtube videos and dancing with the stars re-runs. I think i've done a pretty good job at faking it. I'm having two company friends dance the swing and im doing the salsa. Rehearsal has been fun so far. We've only had two, but i'm almost done with the swing piece and i'm about 1 min into the 3min salsa. He's paying us to
perform so i'm excited to make a little extra money. Should be fun! :) Well i should get back to doing nothing, followed by stretching. Have a good one! ~Sara~

Monday, April 16, 2012

Good Morning!

I've got my morning cup of coffee and the window cracked. Today is going to be in the upper 80s- not bad for early spring. The warm weather changes something in me chemically. Things feel lighter, breezy, and slightly more carefree. Im a Leo baby to the core and this weather makes me shine. :)

Looking back about two weeks - our shows, which i apologize for not updating right away after, went great. I think it was one of our best actually. The audience responded with such positive energy and i know we all picked up on it while on stage. My piece went great as well. It was amazing to look up at the stage and see something from inside my head come alive. It's like a waking dream. I'm very proud of the dancers and of our company. We've come so far and i know only BIG things lie ahead. (starting off with two billboards for our company going up soon...yayaya~! )

We have a little lay off here until we pick up again early in May for some fundraisers/galas. This is the fun part of the season for me. We all can look back and see how far the company has come in a year. End of the year meetings were before our last show with our director. She told us about our progress/what we will be doing next year. My meeting went well and i'm invited to stay with the company. Another year of dancing to look forward to as long as my body keeps up!

I have my internal struggles, but i can honestly say at the end of the day that i am happy. I hope you all are as well. We have so many things around us to be thankful for. Don't forget to take a step back and see the little things.

My best to you all -

Friday, March 30, 2012

Show time.

I have been officially the busiest i think i've been. This is why i have not been on here updating and i do appologize for that. When you are concentrating on trying to squeeze in a meal and a shower other things take priority! :) I'll do a quick sum up to catch you up on what's been going on :

-choreographed a 35min contemporary ballet "7Sins" with my fellow company member/friend. We finished setting it in two weeks followed by some intense cleaning. Turned out great and we both are so pleased to see our vision come full circle

-Also finished the short comedy ballet choreographed by our director. I really am enjoying the pieces i was casted in. :)

-Up to 8 dances now to choreograph for the studio recital in June. Finished 2 of the 8 pieces. Gotta crack down on the students to get them all finished soon. My contemporary group is doing so well, i can't tell you how proud i am to see their progress from last year till now.

-Got the flu mid all of this. Even though i felt like i was dying , it was good for me to be forced to stay in bed for two days. Sometimes it's good to be sick (other than the sick part) to put the brakes on and rest.

-We had our dress/tech rehearsal today for the show TOMMOROW! It went ok. For me i feel it was a little rough around the edges so i'm hoping to pull it together for tommorow night. Luckily we don't tech the same day as the show like we usually do so i have some time to relax and prep.

So it's showtime tommorow then time off again until May. I hate time off. It's good for the body and mind, but for me it's just too long to not be moving. With the money i will save on commuting to the studio i can use to take open classes. It's nice to switch up studios and see other dancers. It's SPRING and i'm so excited to have my favorite seasons ahead. I can't wait to got on a mini vcay with my booba. We deserve time together and time off. My best to you ALL :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Good Monday Morning!


There is a bit to catch up on!
Although the apprentices were the ones to start back this past week i found myself at the studio almost everyday. They have been taking class/rehearsing for the last two weeks and i've been coming in to start setting my piece and learn choreography from my director. I got cast in the charleston with two other couples and i'm LOVING it. It's just a really fun fast pace dance with a few tricks and flips. This one is totally up my alley and although we are still not getting paid for rehearsals till a week from now i don't mind coming in to learn this one.

I started setting my piece as well and i'm pleased with it so far. I do meet a few choreographer blocks when i'm sitting down to write down movements, but i like that i'm pacing it out and taking my time with it. The dancers also seem to enjoy the choreography which is more contemporary then i think a few of them are use to. I do believe they will get it though. It's still early in the game so they have time to get more comfortable with my movements.

On a negative note, i have hurt my upper back. Even worse i hurt it simply sitting down in a passanger side car seat. I sat and twisted my back in such a way that it started to spasm and cause me a lot of pain. It's been three days and i still am in pain. I don't know what i could've done to it! I will not take class today because i want to rest it. I do have to teach tonight so hopefully i won't have to move too much. I hope to see our physical therapist if it isn't better soon. I hate getting hit with these road blocks just when things are going well. Just praying it's nothing serious.

Alright, after my coffee i'm off to set more choreography on the dancers followed by a long night of teaching!

be well!*

Oh, i also had a photoshoot with three photographer who wanted to get together and share ideas. Booba took this one of me. No, that isn't my real hair, but it is a wig of my alter ego Sophia ;)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Enjoying it

Sitting and enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning before the others are awake. Of course my cat lets me know bright and early when i've slept enough.

I'm excited to drive up to my good friends wedding today. Booba and i are going to stop at a winery we have been to before on the way up since it's a later wedding and a long drive. It will be a mini little get-a-way for us since we got a hotel for the evening. I just love weddings when we dont have to be the photographers. Just relax and enjoy the beauty of them.

Also, ive been longing for a cottage for me and booba. Something small and quaint that can hold our two cats and us comfortably surrounded by nature. We are both artists so sometimes we can't always get what we want right away. It takes time to save, but in the long run its worth it because we are doing what we truely love and giving back by passing it on to others. I thought i would put that out into the universe and see what comes back! You never know who has a spare cottage just hanging around. <3

my random ramblings with coffee..