Friday, March 30, 2012

Show time.

I have been officially the busiest i think i've been. This is why i have not been on here updating and i do appologize for that. When you are concentrating on trying to squeeze in a meal and a shower other things take priority! :) I'll do a quick sum up to catch you up on what's been going on :

-choreographed a 35min contemporary ballet "7Sins" with my fellow company member/friend. We finished setting it in two weeks followed by some intense cleaning. Turned out great and we both are so pleased to see our vision come full circle

-Also finished the short comedy ballet choreographed by our director. I really am enjoying the pieces i was casted in. :)

-Up to 8 dances now to choreograph for the studio recital in June. Finished 2 of the 8 pieces. Gotta crack down on the students to get them all finished soon. My contemporary group is doing so well, i can't tell you how proud i am to see their progress from last year till now.

-Got the flu mid all of this. Even though i felt like i was dying , it was good for me to be forced to stay in bed for two days. Sometimes it's good to be sick (other than the sick part) to put the brakes on and rest.

-We had our dress/tech rehearsal today for the show TOMMOROW! It went ok. For me i feel it was a little rough around the edges so i'm hoping to pull it together for tommorow night. Luckily we don't tech the same day as the show like we usually do so i have some time to relax and prep.

So it's showtime tommorow then time off again until May. I hate time off. It's good for the body and mind, but for me it's just too long to not be moving. With the money i will save on commuting to the studio i can use to take open classes. It's nice to switch up studios and see other dancers. It's SPRING and i'm so excited to have my favorite seasons ahead. I can't wait to got on a mini vcay with my booba. We deserve time together and time off. My best to you ALL :)

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