Monday, February 20, 2012

Good Monday Morning!


There is a bit to catch up on!
Although the apprentices were the ones to start back this past week i found myself at the studio almost everyday. They have been taking class/rehearsing for the last two weeks and i've been coming in to start setting my piece and learn choreography from my director. I got cast in the charleston with two other couples and i'm LOVING it. It's just a really fun fast pace dance with a few tricks and flips. This one is totally up my alley and although we are still not getting paid for rehearsals till a week from now i don't mind coming in to learn this one.

I started setting my piece as well and i'm pleased with it so far. I do meet a few choreographer blocks when i'm sitting down to write down movements, but i like that i'm pacing it out and taking my time with it. The dancers also seem to enjoy the choreography which is more contemporary then i think a few of them are use to. I do believe they will get it though. It's still early in the game so they have time to get more comfortable with my movements.

On a negative note, i have hurt my upper back. Even worse i hurt it simply sitting down in a passanger side car seat. I sat and twisted my back in such a way that it started to spasm and cause me a lot of pain. It's been three days and i still am in pain. I don't know what i could've done to it! I will not take class today because i want to rest it. I do have to teach tonight so hopefully i won't have to move too much. I hope to see our physical therapist if it isn't better soon. I hate getting hit with these road blocks just when things are going well. Just praying it's nothing serious.

Alright, after my coffee i'm off to set more choreography on the dancers followed by a long night of teaching!

be well!*

Oh, i also had a photoshoot with three photographer who wanted to get together and share ideas. Booba took this one of me. No, that isn't my real hair, but it is a wig of my alter ego Sophia ;)


Barbara said...

Sorry you've hurt your back! Hope it heals quickly...

LOVE the photo of you - and you rock that wig! Great feet. :)

Sara said...

thank you so much Barbara! :)