Saturday, February 4, 2012

Enjoying it

Sitting and enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning before the others are awake. Of course my cat lets me know bright and early when i've slept enough.

I'm excited to drive up to my good friends wedding today. Booba and i are going to stop at a winery we have been to before on the way up since it's a later wedding and a long drive. It will be a mini little get-a-way for us since we got a hotel for the evening. I just love weddings when we dont have to be the photographers. Just relax and enjoy the beauty of them.

Also, ive been longing for a cottage for me and booba. Something small and quaint that can hold our two cats and us comfortably surrounded by nature. We are both artists so sometimes we can't always get what we want right away. It takes time to save, but in the long run its worth it because we are doing what we truely love and giving back by passing it on to others. I thought i would put that out into the universe and see what comes back! You never know who has a spare cottage just hanging around. <3

my random ramblings with coffee..

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Barbara said...

I love your cottage dreams...I now live in one that I adore, so don't give up! xx