Sunday, May 31, 2009


I have a new kitty, her name is Oona. She's so sweet and beautiful. True story. :)


Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

I got lots of vitamin D today which was much needed. Actually, i got a lot of vitamin D the whole weekend. Apartment hunting Saturday, dog walks Sunday, and today was spent exploring the pine barrens of New Jersey. Of course, per usual, i took my nature dance pose. Something about being outside in the peaceful surroundings makes me feel free and want to dance around. I can't put my finger on it exactly. I think it's just the open space that makes me feel uninhibited in a hippie-free-spirit kind of way. I love this warm weather and some time off to rest my body and get in tune with nature.

I'm going to try and take a few classes this week. I'm already going on about two weeks of no class (minus teaching) and i can feel things getting a little stiff. Recitals in two weeks and the other studios in about three. Everything is running pretty smoothly as for now. Best wishes to everyone!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

wisk. tisk.

Why do the Wisk commericals have to use Nutcracker music in them? It makes my heart race everytime i hear them. It is WAY too early to hear that music. That's all.

I have the P.A ballet subscribers party today. Well, i'm not a subscriber, but i was invited by our board president. I will be meeting up with him and another memeber of our board later this evening after i teach to go and mingle with the directors and such. It should be interesting. I'll update how that goes.

For now, apartment hunting. I just love how slumlords can end your lease just because. No reason. No apology. Ugh. My life is a bit of a rollercoaster right now. I hope things level out soon. I think i need a vacation haha!

Monday, May 18, 2009


the WRONG ways to start off an audition:

1. Run into your current director in the hallway of the place of auditioning.
2. Get stuck on the elevator for a six flight ride up with the director of the company you are auditioning for. Just you, and them.
3. Sardine can style dancing at the bar.
4. Bring the wrong pointe shoes and dance on the dead ones.
5. Get stuck sitting with a very vocal homeless man on the subway.
6. Did i mention running into YOUR CURRENT DIRECTOR as you audition for ANOTHER COMPANY?!

My luck seems right on target these days haha. But, needless to say minus the above points it wasn't so bad. The studio was a bit tiny, but SO beautiful with windows all around overlooking the city. (along with the festival happening below with food venders.) It did run me $20 , but i was thankful there were no cuts. Just a full class and an announcement at the end that they would be in touch with everyone once they finished their audition tour. I doubt i got it. I'm not just being a nay-sayer. The girls there were amazing! I have a feeling a lot of them were coming from other big companies that had lay offs. Actually, i knew one girl was layed off from the P.A ballet and she was just beautiful. She had perfect feet and turnout. If they layed off a great dancer like that we are all in trouble!!

I am glad i went though. I managed to navigate nyc all by myself. I was pretty proud of that because that city is a bit scary for me. It's been a tough audition season for everyone and that is my leading reasons for avoiding the nyc cattle calls. We will see in the end of June!

On a side note, the wedding dance on saturday went good. It certainly was different! I've never been to a Baptist church before. Everyone was so warm and inviting to me. I have to say i was quite nervous to perform in front of them. As i got ready to start i locked eyes with the bride and groom and imagined they were the only ones there and that this was all just for them. I think that really helped me to shake my nerves off a bit. They looked so happy and it felt wonderful to give them this dance. Also, i made the bride cry. She told me she just couldn't hold it together and that everything was perfect. I'm so happy i was able to do this for them. Finding that emotional connection is so powerful and one of the leading reasons why i am a dancer. To reach out and find those connections. Even if it just reaches one person it makes all the hardships worth it.
hope you are all well,

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Im on the bus to nyc for a cattle call audition! Why do i do this to myself ha updates later for now fingers crossed!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

the day of the moms

Today was just lovely. All in celebration, of course, of moms everywhere. I love mine very much and she deserved to be pampered a bit today. It was just a relaxed day of face masks,coffee, and red lobster. Now i'm enjoying a glass of red wine and hanging with booba in my room. I love little moments of happiness. They make the big poopy ones seem insignificant.

Our wine tasting show on Friday went very well. After one last rehearsal in the studio i felt like my partner and i had it pulled together. I give him credit. He learned everything in a week and took time on his own to watch the video. The other girl i'm performing with even saw him watching the video one more time 10min. before we were about to leave as he was doing his hair. I love dedicated people.

We got to the wine tasting about an hour and a half into it. Our arrival was announced over the microphone and we mingled a bit around the crowd saying hi to our supporters. It was a decent turnout too. We had about a half hour before we were to go on and i felt my heart in my throat the whole time. Nerves get the best of me sometimes! It was ironic because everyone else was so relaxed and drinking wine. I played it off that i had my confidence together.

My director told us to go get ready. We were directed to a changing room (aka the bathroom) were we quickly got into our leotard and tights. Shoes on, one last check of make up, some rosin on the bottom of our poite shoes, and we were off. Everything happened really quickly. The crowd gathered around us close as we danced on the two panel marley. My partner whispered in my ear to relax as we went for our first piroutte. I think that really helped me. I didn't realize how tense i was until he brought mention of it. From then on i was at ease that he felt confident so i let go too. We got great reactions from the crowd and warm smiles. After the show we changed back into our dresses and got to talk more with the people there. I got to be social with some interesting (and yes, some drunk) people. I was very pleased. That's the only word i can think of! I just wish i had some pictures from it.

Well, i'm going to go relax now. I have some time off and only a few more events ahead. HAPPY MOM DAY! I'll leave you with some pictures from the weekend. I love warm spring days. Everything is just so alive.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

what else?

I haven't gotten to update in a while mostly because thing have been a bit hectic around here the past week. It's amazing how things can just travel on a straight line for so long then without notice go off the richter scale. Without getting into it, lets just say there have been a few bumps (ok, more like hills) in the road. But, i'm managing and waiting for that good karmic relief.

As i have mentioned, our wine tasting fundraiser takes place this Friday along with our mini performance/presentation. My original partner for that decided to drop the bomb this past Friday and tell us that he would not be able to take off work for the show. What?!?! Isn't this something you should've thought of BEFORE you commited to the piece to begin with? ANYWAY, we had emergency rehearsals all this week to teach another boy the dance. I give him a lot of credit. It is not an easy piece, but it's slowly coming together. We have two more days to perfect it so we will see how it goes. Our show isn't until the very end of the evening so maybe a glass of wine will help ease some pre-performance nerves.

On a positive note, i was invited by our board director to attend a meet and greet of a well known ballet company here in the city. It will be a good way to meet some important people and make some connections. I like that he has my best interest in mind.

Recital time is just around the corner for the studios i teach at. Things are progressing there. I hope to finish a piece tonight and the others by next week. My girls have been more respectful recently after i mentioned to them the importance of working with me in the creative process. I hope they continue to show me that respect and i know it will be rewardind for both of us.

I breath a sigh of relief looking on things to come. Once the wine tasting and recitals are over (about mid-june) i will have LOTS of time off. I thought i would have time off now, but i commited myself (as usual) to a million things. I look forward to warm days floating in the pool drinking margaritas and trips with booba to Cape May. Now only if it would stop raining!!! (we are on day 9 of rain everyday...what is this, Seattle?)

I hope you are all well!!!! <3