Thursday, May 7, 2009

what else?

I haven't gotten to update in a while mostly because thing have been a bit hectic around here the past week. It's amazing how things can just travel on a straight line for so long then without notice go off the richter scale. Without getting into it, lets just say there have been a few bumps (ok, more like hills) in the road. But, i'm managing and waiting for that good karmic relief.

As i have mentioned, our wine tasting fundraiser takes place this Friday along with our mini performance/presentation. My original partner for that decided to drop the bomb this past Friday and tell us that he would not be able to take off work for the show. What?!?! Isn't this something you should've thought of BEFORE you commited to the piece to begin with? ANYWAY, we had emergency rehearsals all this week to teach another boy the dance. I give him a lot of credit. It is not an easy piece, but it's slowly coming together. We have two more days to perfect it so we will see how it goes. Our show isn't until the very end of the evening so maybe a glass of wine will help ease some pre-performance nerves.

On a positive note, i was invited by our board director to attend a meet and greet of a well known ballet company here in the city. It will be a good way to meet some important people and make some connections. I like that he has my best interest in mind.

Recital time is just around the corner for the studios i teach at. Things are progressing there. I hope to finish a piece tonight and the others by next week. My girls have been more respectful recently after i mentioned to them the importance of working with me in the creative process. I hope they continue to show me that respect and i know it will be rewardind for both of us.

I breath a sigh of relief looking on things to come. Once the wine tasting and recitals are over (about mid-june) i will have LOTS of time off. I thought i would have time off now, but i commited myself (as usual) to a million things. I look forward to warm days floating in the pool drinking margaritas and trips with booba to Cape May. Now only if it would stop raining!!! (we are on day 9 of rain everyday...what is this, Seattle?)

I hope you are all well!!!! <3


neurotoxicdoll said...

The rain has been like that here, too. It's just recently stopped. Just last week it started pouring down so suddenly that I had to throw away a pair of my shoes because they got so fucked up!

I'm glad things are going well with you, dear. And I'm glad your students came to their senses!

Sara Lonngren said...

yea i don't know what up with that rain, but it's a month late april showers are suppose to bring may flowers, not more rain ha. i always wear the wrong shoes haha. :)