Sunday, May 10, 2009

the day of the moms

Today was just lovely. All in celebration, of course, of moms everywhere. I love mine very much and she deserved to be pampered a bit today. It was just a relaxed day of face masks,coffee, and red lobster. Now i'm enjoying a glass of red wine and hanging with booba in my room. I love little moments of happiness. They make the big poopy ones seem insignificant.

Our wine tasting show on Friday went very well. After one last rehearsal in the studio i felt like my partner and i had it pulled together. I give him credit. He learned everything in a week and took time on his own to watch the video. The other girl i'm performing with even saw him watching the video one more time 10min. before we were about to leave as he was doing his hair. I love dedicated people.

We got to the wine tasting about an hour and a half into it. Our arrival was announced over the microphone and we mingled a bit around the crowd saying hi to our supporters. It was a decent turnout too. We had about a half hour before we were to go on and i felt my heart in my throat the whole time. Nerves get the best of me sometimes! It was ironic because everyone else was so relaxed and drinking wine. I played it off that i had my confidence together.

My director told us to go get ready. We were directed to a changing room (aka the bathroom) were we quickly got into our leotard and tights. Shoes on, one last check of make up, some rosin on the bottom of our poite shoes, and we were off. Everything happened really quickly. The crowd gathered around us close as we danced on the two panel marley. My partner whispered in my ear to relax as we went for our first piroutte. I think that really helped me. I didn't realize how tense i was until he brought mention of it. From then on i was at ease that he felt confident so i let go too. We got great reactions from the crowd and warm smiles. After the show we changed back into our dresses and got to talk more with the people there. I got to be social with some interesting (and yes, some drunk) people. I was very pleased. That's the only word i can think of! I just wish i had some pictures from it.

Well, i'm going to go relax now. I have some time off and only a few more events ahead. HAPPY MOM DAY! I'll leave you with some pictures from the weekend. I love warm spring days. Everything is just so alive.

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