Monday, May 18, 2009


the WRONG ways to start off an audition:

1. Run into your current director in the hallway of the place of auditioning.
2. Get stuck on the elevator for a six flight ride up with the director of the company you are auditioning for. Just you, and them.
3. Sardine can style dancing at the bar.
4. Bring the wrong pointe shoes and dance on the dead ones.
5. Get stuck sitting with a very vocal homeless man on the subway.
6. Did i mention running into YOUR CURRENT DIRECTOR as you audition for ANOTHER COMPANY?!

My luck seems right on target these days haha. But, needless to say minus the above points it wasn't so bad. The studio was a bit tiny, but SO beautiful with windows all around overlooking the city. (along with the festival happening below with food venders.) It did run me $20 , but i was thankful there were no cuts. Just a full class and an announcement at the end that they would be in touch with everyone once they finished their audition tour. I doubt i got it. I'm not just being a nay-sayer. The girls there were amazing! I have a feeling a lot of them were coming from other big companies that had lay offs. Actually, i knew one girl was layed off from the P.A ballet and she was just beautiful. She had perfect feet and turnout. If they layed off a great dancer like that we are all in trouble!!

I am glad i went though. I managed to navigate nyc all by myself. I was pretty proud of that because that city is a bit scary for me. It's been a tough audition season for everyone and that is my leading reasons for avoiding the nyc cattle calls. We will see in the end of June!

On a side note, the wedding dance on saturday went good. It certainly was different! I've never been to a Baptist church before. Everyone was so warm and inviting to me. I have to say i was quite nervous to perform in front of them. As i got ready to start i locked eyes with the bride and groom and imagined they were the only ones there and that this was all just for them. I think that really helped me to shake my nerves off a bit. They looked so happy and it felt wonderful to give them this dance. Also, i made the bride cry. She told me she just couldn't hold it together and that everything was perfect. I'm so happy i was able to do this for them. Finding that emotional connection is so powerful and one of the leading reasons why i am a dancer. To reach out and find those connections. Even if it just reaches one person it makes all the hardships worth it.
hope you are all well,


An American in Croatia said...

What a great story...well, all of the stories, really. But what business would your current director have there, either...hmmm? I'm just kidding. what did you wear for the church dance?

Sara Lonngren said...

thank you...yea i don't know my current director claimed she was meeting a friend. it's just all shady really. but eh...what are you going to do. to the church dance i wore an outfit the woman picked out . just a simple black leotard with a long flowing skirt attached to it. the wedding photographer took pictures of me dancing and he said he would send me pictures. i'll try and post them if he indeed gives them to me.