Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A great experience.(and a vanity post)

So, i had my photoshoot yesterday with the photographer i had mentioned in a previous post. It went very well dispite my nerves i was feeling before the shoot. I was nervous because this was someone who is a big deal in the dance/ballet photography biz and also because of standing in front of a camera that isn't boobas. You would think i would be use to it by now i know, but it's just an unfamiliarity with how a person works and if they will like what i am doing. He made me feel comfortable right away and i was honored to be able to be part of his art! It was a really great day.
I have been just feeling very positive overall. I always come to these great revelations while i am driving somewhere in my car. (car rides make for great thinking/bad singing/choreographing time) I thought to myself, "Wow, i am so blessed. I have such wonderful opportunities and loving people around me. How does it get this good?" I think we all need to take those moments to step back and look at the whole picture instead of focusing on little things that really aren't soooo bad in our lives. Those good things usually out weigh the bad anyway by a long shot. I am just content and excited to see where this life takes me next! But for now, i am satisfied drinking my coffee and writing this blog to those of you out there who read it. Thank you for taking the time to read my silly little rants. :) I do apprecitate it and feel happy that art can make these connections.

My tip of the day: do something that makes you happy. Even something as little as taking a nap in the sun.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Goooooood Monday Morning

Morning! I'd like to say it's a beautiful morning, but the weather is blah and rainy. Nothing too eventful has been going on as far as dance is concerned. I got to take class yesterday which eneded up being one of the most cardio ballet workouts i've taken in a while. Being out of shape and injured, it wasn't exactly the kind of class my body needed. It was enjoyable and i was able to ignore my knee for a bit. I know i should be resting my knee, but i got asked to do a photoshoot with a pretty well known dance photographer in the area. I don't want to be a complete mess when i go tommorow. (tue!) Not going to lie, I am feeling a little nervous for the shoot even though i'm comfortable in front of the camera. I will update i'm sure after the shoot.

I was going to take another class today, but i think it would be best to rest since i have to teach tonight for a while. I'm almost done all my recital pieces. One more to finish tonight then clean clean clean them!

I am watching the documentary "Margot" today. I am very excited. She was truely the definition of 'ballerina'.

Have a good one.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!!

this is my ode to earth day from the photoshoot with booba.

Happy (40th) Earth Day everyone! Wear your green, and DO something green. <3

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Short one.

I just wanted to share this video because it really inspires me. I'm resting today again before teaching tonight. It's really hard to not go and take a class. I know i need to rest the knee. I'm being good. Have a lovely day!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

one week

Julie Kent. Still my favorite till this day!

We have been off from the company now for exactly one week. I have taken exactly 1 and a 1/2 classes since then. Not to shabby.

Unfortunately, my knee is still bugging me a lot. I rested it for a good four days and made it through a full class no problem. Yesterday, after stretching before class, i noticed the tell tale signs that it was going to give me problems again. Of course today it is swollen and i can't straighten it all the way. LAME.

I am planning to seriously rest it now. I learned my lesson. It's so hard as a stubborn dancer to just sit still and NOT take class. But, i need to listen to my body that is throwing signs at me to rest it a bit longer. I have till the end of May at least when we start learning rep. for the fund raiser in early June.

Stupid knee.
I hate getting old.
But it is lovely out.
And i have a photoshoot with booba today.
happy Monday to everyone!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A post for Simay.

Thank you SOOOOO much. <3<3<3 We opened your package today and were like kids on Christmas. You are so sweet and we miss you! (so does your little poop she was smelling the box and making sad faces, she knows it came from mommy!)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


All shows are now finished and the season is over. It's bittersweet. All those hour spent in the studio and at the theaters now come to a short ending. I will miss it all in a few days. Until then i plan on resting my injuries and getting some things done i haven't had time to do before. I think overall it was a great season. I will miss my company friends. We all become so close that it's hard to break that bond and seperate. Especially those gone off elsewhere next year. I will miss them most. Today is a day of rest today followed by a round of much needed food shopping! My best to everyone.


Booba had a photoshoot yesterday with my favorite girls and I. I love how he captured us in the element that allows us to shine. I love my ladies and these pictures. <3

Friday, April 9, 2010


Ok, so the meeting went well. Thank you everyone for your kind words of encouragement!

I walked into the meeting not knowing what to expect, but she sat me down and began by asking what my plans were for next year. (if i was staying or not) I responded with , "I would like to stay, but only if you want me here". She said she did want me here, but let me know that she doesn't think next year will be any better than this year. (money wise) I told her i realized that and i was happy that we were still surviving in this economy. Which really is true. It was nice to sit and be honest with her about the company and how negative behaviors were effecting everyone even if it was coming from one person. All in all it went well. She talked about things i need to improve on , but overall how she felt stated that I have gotten stronger and that my parts have reflected it. I left feeling confident. I'm just blessed to still be dancing.

Our last show of Sleeping Beauty is tommorow and our last rep. show is Sunday. Two days and it's over. Crazy. I'm a little nervous for the shows not because of choreography this time, but because my knee is, for a lack of better term, gone 'poo' on me. Oh the reality of getting older. I've been resting it and icing it for the last two days and it is a bit better. I guess we will see. Being a stubborn dancer i will just dance through the pain and baby myself later. Ah, the life of a dancer.

Merde to us and a good weekend to you!


and to put you in a good mood watch this video. and watch the tiger on the left.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Company meeting.

The show went kinda rough this past saturday. It wasn't BAD just very unpolished. It was obvious on a lot of the dancers faces that we weren't ready completely for the show. Instead of enjoying the time on stage and dancing comfortably through the movement we looked scared. The time on stage was spent thinking ahead what step was next instead of thinking about acting. I'm sure with the extra weeks rehearsal next weekends show will be better. Oh and i also messed up my variation by skipping a step and having to make up half of it to make up for time. Our director said at least i covered it well. Ugh, i wish sometimes there was a due over button. I would be using it right now.

In other news, on top of running the Rep. show this week AND Sleeping Beauty, we have company meeting with the director. We will be meeting with her individualy to talk about what we will be doing next year (staying or going) so she knows who to hire from the audition. I'm so nervous. I'm previous years this meeting did not go so well for me. I'm afraid she doesn't want me to stay. I wish i was more confident sometime or that i had a back up plan! Being a dancer is so scary. You work so hard for such a short amount of time to shine. I feel very anxious. It's a good thing i'm on spring break from teaching this week! At least i will have the evenings of to relax and de-stress. Oh , and this weather is just lovely! I'm trying to stay positive!!


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Show Day!

Our eggs for the bunny to hide Sunday

So today we open with Sleeping Beauty. I'm pretty nervous, but i think after our spacing rehearsal i will feel a bit more confident. I know the other company members are feeling the nervous tension since many have never performed the ballet before. We did pretty good getting it together in two weeks. That took a lot of concentration and focus from all of us. Some die hards even went to the studio yesterday on our day off to run a few things on their own that they were still feeling uncomfortable with. Me on the other hand spend the day resting, going to eat Mexican with my family and booba, painting Easter egss, and going out for a quick drink in the evening. I'm feeling semi-refreshed in the spring air.

Here's to show day! Merde to us!


Friday, April 2, 2010

The director giving us a day off the day before the show? I can't say i understand it or think it is a good idea, but I certainly will take it with 70 plus degrees forcasted for today!!

oh and i finished another recital piece last night. Every piece finished is another weight lifted off my chest.

Happy Good Friday!