Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A great experience.(and a vanity post)

So, i had my photoshoot yesterday with the photographer i had mentioned in a previous post. It went very well dispite my nerves i was feeling before the shoot. I was nervous because this was someone who is a big deal in the dance/ballet photography biz and also because of standing in front of a camera that isn't boobas. You would think i would be use to it by now i know, but it's just an unfamiliarity with how a person works and if they will like what i am doing. He made me feel comfortable right away and i was honored to be able to be part of his art! It was a really great day.
I have been just feeling very positive overall. I always come to these great revelations while i am driving somewhere in my car. (car rides make for great thinking/bad singing/choreographing time) I thought to myself, "Wow, i am so blessed. I have such wonderful opportunities and loving people around me. How does it get this good?" I think we all need to take those moments to step back and look at the whole picture instead of focusing on little things that really aren't soooo bad in our lives. Those good things usually out weigh the bad anyway by a long shot. I am just content and excited to see where this life takes me next! But for now, i am satisfied drinking my coffee and writing this blog to those of you out there who read it. Thank you for taking the time to read my silly little rants. :) I do apprecitate it and feel happy that art can make these connections.

My tip of the day: do something that makes you happy. Even something as little as taking a nap in the sun.


Hannah said...

OMG! What beautiful images. I love the first (and lots of the others, but I LOOOOOVVE the first) - it's so ethereal, almost Alice in Wonderland-esque. The lighting and everything - it looks like you could fly out of the window!

Sara Lonngren said...

thanks Hannah !! It was a talented photographer for sure :)

Craig Billow said...

ah, my muse. :) you're beautiful. i adore you <3

Anonymous said...
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Aileen Melinda said...

hey Sara,

I've been following your blog for quite sometime and I have some questions to ask you.I'm also a dancer(an amateur though) and it would be awesome if you could give some advice.

Can I please have your e-mail so I can email you my questions?Mine is .

All the best,

Sara Lonngren said...


Sure! Shoot me an email :) i'll do my best!