Monday, May 3, 2010


My sweet Onna :) (you know a picture of her ends up in my posts when i'm feeling a little bummed, she makes me smile ) photo by : ME :)

I've been good and have rested now for about a week. (besides teaching) Trying to get this good'ol knee back to good.

I'm on a mad hunt for teaching hours. I'm loosing hours next year and it has me really worried about my financial situation. I guess that comes with the territory of being an artist. We are always looking for ways to support ourselves outside of our career. I really do enjoy teaching and I am feeling a little discouraged. I always thought i was doing things correctly and passing my knowledge down, but recent events have made me question my abilities as a teacher. I hate that feeling. When i am with a group of students I always try to make the class fun , but also challenging. I want them to get as much as they can out of it. I just feel a little let down. What can i do to be a better teacher and to keep the students engaged and coming back every year? That question keep floating around in my head.

Well, not much to update today. It's humid and uncomfortable and i'm trying to organize a busy month of May with recitals, techs, and weddings. Hope everyone is well!



Anonymous said...
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~Jenn~ said...

It's sad to see how much the dance world has changed in some ways. Have faith and confidence in yourself. I'm sure your dedication and enthusiasm are not going unnoticed.

Sara Lonngren said...

yea, it is really sad how different it is now. Gotta alway keep the chin up! Thank you Jenn!! :)