Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ah, Wednesday

My cat does yoga.

Hellllo :)
It feels like summer today! It makes me happy, hot, but happy. AND luckily, tommorow is tech. rehearsal for my one studio so i will be inside for most of the day in lovely free airconditioning. I'm excited to see my students dance the pieces they have been working on the big stage. All the rewards of working hard through out the year pays off.

I also am finishing up some last min. touches on costumes/props. I've really been enjoying making some of the details for my costumes this year. I feel like it is a substitute artistic vent since i haven't been dancing with the company. And you know what, it really does help to release that built up stress. I can see myself getting into the arts/craft field when i retire. It makes me almost as satisfied as dancing. Well, ALMOST. Nothing beats dancing though. That will alway take the cake and leave me feeling the most alive. I feel like i become a whole person when i dance. It's hard to explain, but performing shows the person that i am deep inside my heart and soul.

That being said, I need to do that 'taking class' thing again ASAP! But, probably not happening this week with recital stuff happening. I think i'm going to head over to an open class here in the city soon. I just wish it didn't cost money. I hate having to pay for a class. Money is tight to begin with! Well i hope everyone is well, i wish i had more exciting news these day, but downtime leaves me sitting around a lot figuring out future plans. I'm sure things will pick up soon!

Take care~

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