Wednesday, June 2, 2010

To the pointe.

Again, reports are minimal and i am taking adavantage....ok, being lazy...with time off from the company. The dancing for the companys wine tasting fundraiser fell through because my partner disapeared off to teach up in NYC instead. My director was upset at this since she had a piece picked out for us and everything. Another girl from the company will be dancing instead. I'm very ok with that. I got more knee resting/recital prep. time.

First set of recitals open Sunday! I can't wait to see my students on stage. I'm like a proud mama when it comes to them. It feels so wonderful to give back in this field. :)

Class tomm.....if my knee behaves.

Side note.....when did we skip spring and head right into summmer? I'm melting in this lovely no ac apt. Also, teaching tonight in the BROKEN ac studio and in the NO ac gymnastic gym. I'm going to melt away. I know there is 'hot yoga' but is there such thing as 'hot ballet'? It's happening tonight for sure.


OH....also, Romeo and Juliet ballet opens friday. I can't wait to go on a date to see it. That is by far my favorite ballet. The music, emotions, dances, everything about it moves me. I know i'll probably cry. How can't you? :)


Hannah said...

Hi Sara, hope the recital goes well... I'm a school teacher and I always glow with pride whenever my children do something they can show off!

On another note, check out the post I'm just about to publish - I went to see the royal ballet triple bill including Chroma (which is I think what your pic is of!).

Hope your knee is continuing to heal. x

京蕙 said...
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Anonymous said...
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Sara Lonngren said...

hey Hannah! I will def. check out the post!

Simay said...

It's done the skipping-right-to-summer thing here, too. But then it's been raining like crazy all weekend, and it still is!