Thursday, June 24, 2010


Ok, so i love living in a city and all, but when it gets hot and humid like this i feel like i am inside an oven!!! I'm in the living room with a tiny little ac blowing on me still sweating and it's only 10:02am. Today would be a good day to run away from the city...and i think i shall.

I took class on Tuesday. One of the boys in our company taught and there were only three people. So, needless to say, it was very intensive. I'm glad i went (minus the no AC in the studio that day) because it felt good to be covered in sweat and finally be moving again. Dancing in the heat is good for your muscles. They get warm very quickly, stay warm, and you just feel more limber. Not to mention all the toxins that build up in your body that come out of your pores. You feel very refreshed after classes like that. Even better after a shower.

I'm still trying to get my butt into more teaching hours as i know summer will fly quickly. I really need more hours and money. It's so scary to think about how i'm going to pay my living costs, but i'm trying hard to make it work. So far i have two 'new' studios in line for next year. I will be interviewing for them both next week after my trip with booba. We are going away for two days to celebrate six years together. Crazy, time flys and i still feel like we met only yesterday. He's my greatest support team (minus my parents, which is a given) and i can't wait to spend two stress-free days on the beach with him. <3 booba.

We are getting new apprentices in July and i have a teaching schedule for our schools summer program. I'm excited to be choreographing again this year for that and i hope maybe i can set a piece on the new girls coming in! I feel exciting things are coming. I miss teaching and i can't wait to get back into the studio with a for real schedule. Don't get me wrong, i love being lazy and having time off, but a week is enough for me!

Ok, seriously, get me out of this living melting pot. I'm out of here!!! Peace out to the city.....helllllllooooo my parents pool. I know the won't mind a visit ;)




I'm with you - the city is great for most things but once it gets hot - you need to escape !

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