Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer is upon us.

To start off, Romeo and Juliet was beautiful.

I'm off to compmany class today!

I got an email earlier in the week that our director will be teaching class this afternoon for those company members that our still hanging around. I'm a little nervous. Although i was a good ballerina and took two classes last week, my body is no where in the shape it was when we had our last show back in April. I just hope it is an easy class so I can walk tommorow.

On another note, i'm trying to organize my summer teaching schedule. I need more hours!! Money really has me worried for the summer into the fall. It has really taken over my brain for the past few months. Now that the recitals are done and no company till august, i have no paychecks coming in. I just want to be able to pay for the apt., bills, and food. I'm willing to suffer for my art, but surviving is another thing.

Positive note: I am teaching a modern class this summer. It's exciting to get back into the movements. I haven't really been exposed to much modern since college. I've been watching videos, boughts books, and studied up on modern dance to refresh my brain and give the best class i can to the students. It will be a modern/yoga class. I wanted to create a fussion of these two because i feel they are closely related as far as concepts. Creating this class will benifit the students and allow for movement exploration.

Ok, time to bun the hair and get the old leotard on. Have a great day everyone!




I wish it was summer here !!! Have a great day

Sara Lonngren said...

thanks you too! I do love the summer :) (when i'm near a body of water at least!)