Friday, May 14, 2010

Chin Up.

I apologize in advance for any 'debbie downer' posts that have been sneaking in here. Three weeks without class has caused my dancer depression to sneak its way in. With no outlet to release my emotions, they get bottled up inside with no proper outlet. It's so crazy how your whole body adapts to your environment. One alteration in your everyday routine throws the chemicals off. Anyway, i'm trying my best to avoid the ever creeping "am i good enough? what am i doing with my life" demons that pop into my head. I guess i just have to keep in mind that everyone forms their own opinions. Not everyone i going to like what you do and that doesn't make it 'wrong'. Trust yourself and what you believe in.

There , got THAT out the way.

Anyway, my planned class for the week fell through. The truth is, i think something is wrong with my knee in a more serious way and i'm scared to take class to find out i can't move it properly. It's been hurting every time i teach. It's so awful when your body starts to give out on you. I'll keep you updated on it's progress.

I'm have a bad week so i think tonight i should do something to cheer me up. Maybe a date with booba.

Music editing tommorow for recital stuff.

Have a great weekend!


Craig Billow said...

i love you. stay positive. <3

Anonymous said...
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