Monday, April 19, 2010

one week

Julie Kent. Still my favorite till this day!

We have been off from the company now for exactly one week. I have taken exactly 1 and a 1/2 classes since then. Not to shabby.

Unfortunately, my knee is still bugging me a lot. I rested it for a good four days and made it through a full class no problem. Yesterday, after stretching before class, i noticed the tell tale signs that it was going to give me problems again. Of course today it is swollen and i can't straighten it all the way. LAME.

I am planning to seriously rest it now. I learned my lesson. It's so hard as a stubborn dancer to just sit still and NOT take class. But, i need to listen to my body that is throwing signs at me to rest it a bit longer. I have till the end of May at least when we start learning rep. for the fund raiser in early June.

Stupid knee.
I hate getting old.
But it is lovely out.
And i have a photoshoot with booba today.
happy Monday to everyone!

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