Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Everybody Dance!" (waiting for Guffman)

First off to start :
I didn't even know about this. Interesting. I celebrated by....taking class? haha. That counts right?

Not a whole lot to report as far as dance goes. We are getting ready for our Wine Tasting fund raiser in May. We've just been doing class and the rehearsals for that. It's really not a long piece and it's all partnering. I'm sure it will turn out fine. I'm just excited for the after show part where i get to put on my new dress, have a glass of wine, and mingle with our guests. (aka hopefull future supporters of our company!)

I had a photoshoot on Sunday with my neighbore who is a fashion photographer and owns/runs his own talent agency for that. It was really fun and i got my makeup done professionaly. I usually wear my makeup natural and this woman made me look so glam! I felt like americas next top model. ha Hopefully i will get a copy soon of those to post. (they were taken for the woman doing the makeovers portfolio)

I'm starting to finish up more of my recital dances that i have been choreographing. I feel like most of them are really progressing. I hope the parents will be pleased come recital time! Most of all i hope that the students are enjoying them.

For my one studio i was asked to perform a short piece. I'm still deciding i want to or not. If i do i was thinking something simple like this bluebird variation :

or this one from Don Quixote:

hmmm which to do...

ps my roomate just informed me she has a fever and feels sick SWINE FLU! haha. jk. (but i def just washed my hand and got out my anti-bacteria wipes)


An American in Croatia said...

I sort of like the bluebird dance. It's charming, with all those strange arms/hands (know what I mean?). Both have attitude, though. Both good choices (potentials).

Sara Lonngren said...

i agree. i was leaning more towards that one myself. :) and it's nice and short haha.

neurotoxicdoll said...

I like them both, but I like the second one more. I'm probably biased though 'cos I love Don Quixote. =)