Monday, April 6, 2009


It's funny when you PLAN on being lazy and doing nothing and you ended up running around like crazy.

The day after the show was pretty relaxed, i hung out with booba and attended a cast party at the studio. It was fun and we all were happy to be done. Our board president and director showed up and bought us like 10 pizzas! It was very thoughtful, but to be honest the real party started when they left haha. We all felt weird drinking in front of them so we waited till they left to let loose.

Last week i was a good dancer and took class. Our director is still having a few class auditions with girls who couldn't make it to our nyc audition so she likes us to be there when they come. On top of taking class and teaching i got my car fixed up, saw my friends art gallery opening, and attended a teachers meeting for my studios recital in June. It just felt like a busy week when i planned on sitting on my butt ha.

This week, after a lovely weekend of playing Wii and walking through the woods, i decided to take off from dancing today to catch up on sleep and choreograph a bit for my classes tonight. It's amazing how relaxing it is to sip my coffee from the my bed and stay in my pjs all day. Little moments like that help to relax and clear my mind.

Ok, enough chat. On to pictures from the show that i promised.

the lilac fairy and I :)

pose for the camera

our dressing room

the beautiful stainglass on the ceiling of the theater

getting ready for the show


An American in Croatia said...

thanks for posting the pictures! It's fun to see a real ballerina in full gear! my brain is on backwards this week so I didn't even see your post until today (wednesday).

sounds like you've got a good mix of taking it easy and keeping engaged.

All the best!

Sara Lonngren said...

thanks! :) yea i've been lazy this week which is good to clear my head! best to you and happy easter!! your lunch sounds yummy.