Monday, March 30, 2009

store closing

I got this leotard in purple. Picture doesn't do it justice, it's very pretty.
So the day after our show i found out that our local Danskin store was closing and having a HUGE sale on all their stuff. After i got my after-show massage (which was awesome!! and totally needed) I bought $378 worth of dance stuff for $52. Yes, $52. It was amazing and i am stocked now on dance wear for a LONG time. Here's what i got for only $52:
-2 new leotards
-4pairs of tights
-2pairs of black stretch pants (for teaching/warm-ups)
-2 new shirts one tank one long sleeve

As many dancers know, a new leotard ranges from $30-40. I got mine for $6.99. I was very excited about my bargin finds!

The last show went SO well. Our best show yet. Our dancing was spot on because the last show gave us an extra push to do our best and give all our energy. The stage was amazing as well as the theater. I'm pretty sure that it was a converted church because the theater had stain glass windows and was in the round. I have pictures, but i will post them in the next post when i have more time. ( and feel less lazy )

For my time off i plan on staying in shape as much as possible. I will still be teaching so i won't be complete couch potatoe. I also decided to start running (ok, most likely jogging) with my booba every once in a while now that it's getting nicer out. I also will continue my search to see if there are any last min. auditions out there. It's been a rough season for auditioners. Not a lot of places hiring and lots laying off. Booba took some video of our studio show as well as company class so i will be putting together a video to send out with my resume. Maybe i will post that as well when i get it together.

To be honest, the next couple of days i plan on being pretty lazy. It's been a long season. This time off is good for us all to heal old injuries, catch up on lost sleep, and refresh our bodies and minds for the next season.

I can smell spring and feel it. It makes me excited to know that warm weather is just around the corner. I want to get out and take it all in. Good bye hybernation, hello sun.

Love love love


An American in Croatia said...

I have ideas for your time off :-)

1. Prepare an article for Dancer Universe about the difficulty of dancers during this financial crisis and how to cope (see:

2. Make an exercise DVD using ballet steps and sell it on Amazon:-)

3. There was a great show on Frontline last month about Parkinson's and I remember a group of dancers that volunteered to lead movement for the patients at the clinic and they thought it was great (see:

Just some ideas...

Sara Lonngren said...

VERY helpful ideas...thanks for sharing :) i'm very excited to have time now to actually apply myself in different areas. hope you are doing well

An American in Croatia said...

You deserve the time off!

An American in Croatia said...

Oh, and not like I thought you needed my ideas on how to spend your free time ;-)

I remember an article that mentioned the comment of a school principal that her students that did ballet after school tended to excel in pretty much everything. The discipline thing and hardwork required spilled over into other areas...

Anyway, that's all from me. I mentioned to my husband the ideas that I wrote about...and he said ˝you did what?˝

I get excited about things and my runs wild...