Wednesday, March 25, 2009

this video still gives me chills. it hits a cord with me for some reason. i can connect to its emotion.

So, the shows this past weekend went very well. The audience really responded well to having an in studio showing. They enjoyed how upclose and personal the show was. They were able to see every expression on our faces and felt more apart of the story being told. It was def. hard to get through two shows with only an hr. in between each one, but i think we all pulled it off very professionaly.

The show the following day was just pieces from sleeping beauty followed by a question and answer session. That was successful as well. And can i just tell you , i LOVE those red hat ladies. They were so excited to be there and asked very good questions. I'm glad they all had a good time because we all certainly enjoyed performing for them. PLUS, they barely drank any wine so the company enjoyed a glass or two in celebration when we were done. It was the perfect ending to a long weekend!

One more show to go this coming Friday! I can't believe there's only one more!! This show will be a good one. We have a beautiful backdrop and scenery for this show that is provided by the venue. We have also sold a lot of tickets already. I'm very excited as well because my mom will be coming out to see me. :) I always like performing when i know someone is in the audience for me. It gives me that extra push to perform the best i can.

After the show the company is going to have a little party to celebrate a wonderful but LONG season coming to an end. Lots of people are leaving to go home and see their families that some haven't seen in a year! Our season is over for now excecpt for our wine tasting and silent auction fundraiser in May that I may be performing at. It will be a lot of down time till we pick up our season mid August. We will still have classes for those who want to attend and i'm teaching at our summer camp starting in June. So, the break won't be completely boring for me. There are tons of things i want to do and places to go before we start back up.
On a positive note we had our evaluations with our director today that went well. (she lets us know our progress and what we will be doing next yr- if we are staying or not) She mentioned how i have improved and things to work on for next season. I always find these chats helpful because we never really to one-on-one time with her. It lets you know what she thinks of you as a dancer and ways to better ourselves. Although i might not always agree with their opinions I take what they say seriously and apply it to the best of my ability to my dancing. Everyday a little bit stronger a little bit wiser!
I'll be talking to you soon.

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Kimberly said...

when you get a chance...what kinds of questions did the red hat ladies ask? You said that the questions were good.

I'm curious.