Friday, March 13, 2009

beauty sleep

first off, this is just beautiful :

Secondly, we open tommorow with sleeping beauty in Margate! :) I'm excited to be on the stage again. (It's been since the end of Dec. with nutcracker.) I feel ready for the most part. It helped that we had two elementary school showings of pieces from the ballet. I got to run my fairy variation for both of those shows so at least i know that piece is ready. I also decided with those shows that i am kidnaping the little kids and bringing them with the company to these performances. Their clapping and cheering was just so refreshing. I live for audiences like them. But, as many performers know, you don't always get the best reactions. It really does help motivate you when you feel people watching are connecting with you on stage. It's a powerful thing really.
Well, my brain is elsewhere right now with packing my stuff up for tommorow. Merde to us all!
I'm very excited and feeling positive. I'll be txting via my cell phone as the day goes on :)


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