Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring season

Today was just beautiful out! I only wish it would just stay this temperature now. Todays performance at the middle school went well. It was a very active crowd and they all asked very intelligent questions. These school shows are really starting to grow on me! We have another one tommorow at 10am (early ick). I like being able to perform in front of kids who may other wise never get to see a ballet. I hope that we can reach at least one of them to pursue dance as a career or go see a ballet.

Our show this past weekend went....fairly well. We got a really late start on our tech rehearsal due to poorly organized timing with the stage crew. When we got there the floor was JUST being put down so we had a long wait for the rest of the scenery to be assembled and tested. We all spent a lot of time just sitting around waiting and i got a few games of sudduko in.

Once the tech actually DID start it was a little rough since we had to practice filling in with the students and little kids dances. We only got through 2 1/2 acts. (3act ballet) before we were at 20min. call for the show!! Things were really rushed and a few of us were trying to put on makeup while we weren't on stage during the tech.

The show had a pretty decent turnout. (having students in the show helps to bring audiences-moms,dads,ect) We had a few scenery 'whoops' moments, some actually really comical. During the opening scene there is a peasant dance and once they are done they sit on benches to watch the next scene. Well, as this one couple goes to sit down there is a loud cracking noise and the one end of the bench they just sat on just breaks. The legs just gave out at one end and they went sliding on top of each other. They covered it well by simply standing up gesturing at the broken bench and shaking their heads and walking over to another couple to talk as if it were staged. A few of us in the wings were laughing so hard we were on the ground covering our hands over our mouths. In another act part of the castle fell down. It was just a small piece, but of course that small piece fell during a silence and made a large noise.

Dancing wise i feel like everyone was pretty much on. Of course a few nerves took over and there were little mistakes here and there, but nothing dramatic for being our opening show. (and mind you, all learned and rehearsed in a little less than three weeks)

In other news, sadly our upcoming saturday performance had to be cancelled. I guess the venue ended up charging us more than we expected and due to low ticket sales we had to pull out. We WILL however due an in house performance of the show at our studio locations. Instead of one show we will have two (because of audience space) and the tickets will be discounted. I'm a little bummed about it because there is something about the stage and lights that truely makes performing exciting. I feel like we will be missing that element when doing it in the studios. It will be the full ballet with costumes and all, but it just lack that magical feel and the element of surprise. Times are tough and this just shows it!

Sunday will be a wine tasting and showing at the studio. I love these because they are very personal and intimate shows. We will just be doing parts from sleeping beauty and there will be food and wine. I also enjoy the after show wine tasting by the company. aka- we drink what's left over. :) I heard the red hat ladies will be joining us for this performance. I love those ladies and think it's such a cute idea.

Well, it's my night off during the week (no teaching) and i have to sew some pointe shoes and get some stuff together for our shows this weekend so i'm ready early. Best to you all!! :)
and happy early (only by a few days) spring!!!

Love, ~Sara~

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Kimberly said...

Wow! Nice save, bench breakers...bravo to you! That's a great story.