Friday, March 20, 2009

long weekend

picture from class by craig
pic. from class by Craig (booba)
happy spring everyone. (finally)

I have a long weekend ahead of me with shows so i'll be most likely relaxing tonight. During rehearsal today i felt very strong. My variation went well and my director even commented on how much stronger it had gotten when i was finished. It felt good to hear that because i have been working on bettering my technique for the past few weeks. I've been arriving early before class and stretching a lot along with my pilates exercises. I think the results are slowly starting to show. It feels good to have someone notice.

I feel like i haven't gotten to see many of my friends due to my schedule. I hate that and i really hope they aren't taking it personally. On top of teaching and rehearsals i barely have time for myself let alone others. I need a lot of "me" time, so days that i will have free i sometimes need to just recharge myself and spend some time alone. I've always been like that since i can remember. I will try to make some dates with friends as soon as these shows are over in a week or so. Booba has been very patient with our limited time as well. He even came out to class the other day just to spend time with me. I love dancing for him. He's the one critic that never notices my "off" days and supports me through my hardest moments.

Well, i hope spring warms up a little bit more. I hope all of you are doing well. Have a wonderful weekend. I'll update about shows later!


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neurotoxicdoll said...

I HATE that I don't get to go to any of your shows =( I'm glad you're keeping busy and doing well though. <3