Friday, April 10, 2009

weekend reTREAT

Spending the time home with the family and booba for Easter. I just got back from picking my mom up from the airport. She was visiting her sister and i'm glad she is going to be home for small, but fun easter celebrations.

Tommorow will be a fun day of goodwill shopping and easter egg painting. Painting the egg are tradition that booba and i have kept up with. (and a competition) We don't believe that you are limited by your age. It's when you 'grow up' according to society that life becomes a little less magical.

No class still for me this week. I had a failed attempt to take class. I went to the studio bun in hair and all and it was closed early for easter break. I think it's good that my body had a week off to heal. I did slip in stretching and crunches a few days this week. ( and french fries and cookies ). Next week, back to the grind.

Have a great weekend!!!!
Happy Easter

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