Tuesday, April 14, 2009

egg hunters

I hope everyone had a very nice easter weekend. Mine was great! Very relaxing...I got to fly a kite, dye some eggs, bought a few awesome dresses at goodwill, and to end it all win $96 at slots!! :) Here are some pictures of booba and i finding eggs easter morning (it was too cold out for the bunny, so he hid them inside this year) :

our eggs:

ok, i'm off to class! I've had a little over a week and a half off so i'm a little nervous about getting back into it. Apparently we have a boy auditioning today. Great. Of course someone is auditioning after i haven't danced in so long. I'm going to be all over the place ha. Have a great day!

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An American in Croatia said...

what great eggs! I drew on ours with pastels and then dyed them but have no pictures.