Thursday, April 26, 2012

Faking the Swing

I'm sitting here getting anxious about doing nothing. Don't get me wrong, i'm enjoying some lazy time for myself, but i'm at the point where i'm ready for a consistant schedule again. I have been trying to take at least two or three ballet classes a week, but this week it will only be two. I'm kind of bummed about it because i don't want to get too far out of shape. It's so hard to get to your peak and it goes away faster than it does to reach it. I'm going to stretch and do some conditioning today before heading out to teach. Teaching does help to keep me moving, but still isnt the same as taking a class. Anyway, i will survive. This is just my little rant. On a random note: I was asked to choreograph a swing and salsa dance for a fundraiser in May. I agreed to it knowing nothing about either. I found myself watching a lot of youtube videos and dancing with the stars re-runs. I think i've done a pretty good job at faking it. I'm having two company friends dance the swing and im doing the salsa. Rehearsal has been fun so far. We've only had two, but i'm almost done with the swing piece and i'm about 1 min into the 3min salsa. He's paying us to
perform so i'm excited to make a little extra money. Should be fun! :) Well i should get back to doing nothing, followed by stretching. Have a good one! ~Sara~

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Barbara said...

That sounds really fun! After I retired from ballet, I really got into ballroom/swing/salsa, and ended up teaching for a few years, too. Enjoy it!