Saturday, October 29, 2011


We had a good show last night.

Dracula got it's second stage time of the year and this was an important one. We were getting reviewed and video taped so had to be on our game. I love performing at the venue we did because i'm comfortable there. It's our third year of Dracula and she's been doing Nutcracker there since she basicly the start of the company.

I'm going to miss performing this production. I can't believe our last show is tommorow!! I will miss putting white face paint on and dark circles under my eyes. Oh, and putting my gold glittery bra on. I will NOT miss having to do extra ab work.

I'm going out for Halloween tonight and i can't wait! Booba is going as a Plague Doctor and i will be a person infected with it. Pictures will follow for sure. ;)

Happy Halloween!!! what are YOU being?


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Barbara said...

Fantastic costume! So glad you had a successful run - congratulations!!