Saturday, November 5, 2011

a very important show

This weekend is a set of VERY important shows for us not because of what we are performing, but where. If we do well and impress them we will be asked to return to that space. It's where we will get the most reconition and we deserve to be there! I had a moment last night before the show when i turned to my booba and said, "We finally made it." It's taken a lot of dedication to the company, but i finally feel like we are where we need to be. People will respect us and more importantly we will have a name and an audience.
One more show on Sunday!! THEN.....Nutcracker rehearsals start this week...dun dun DUNNNNNNNNNNNNN. Casting goes up mon/tue. So nervous...i just want to do arabian again. It has got to be my favorite role.

Hope you are all well!!
me in the dressing room, glowing with excitement.


Barbara said...

Ooooh sounds exciting - Merde!

Arabian is my favorite, too...

DMB said...

And merde from me too!

Sara said...

aww thanks guys :) i really appreciate it!!