Wednesday, October 7, 2009

half and half.

A picture of my Oona, because she gives me calm <3

Dracula opens this weekend and the company is just a mess! I'm not even joking when i say half of us are injured/in pain. I don't know what's going on, seriously. It could be we are overworked, stressed, the constant changing of floors (we bounce from the studio to boardwalk hall often). Who knows what it is, but it's making things very stressful. I was comfortable with my part and getting really into the character, but now i'm learning a new part in the ballet on top of mine for a girl out with a back injury. It's fine that i'm expected to pick up her part and mine, but the fact that it's two days till the show that has me a bit anxious! I know things will work out ok. It's just going to be very LONG days of rehearsal before the show to replace those too injured to perform in the first shows. What a horrible way to kick off our month tour of Dracula huh? I guess life has a way of keeping things on edge. Keeping those fingers crossed!

Hope at least all of you are well, and for my first post of the month............Happy October! Let's hope things look up~

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